Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank You... For Keeping It Kinky!

It's December 31st.  The year is 2011.

For me, this year has been like a roller coaster in most, if not all, aspects of my life.  Like most of you reading this, I have had ups, downs and turn-arounds.  I have had to deal with the good, the bad and the in between.  I'm thankful for what I've gone through as it made me stronger, wiser and taught me a few lessons.  I'm ready for 2012!!  I'm looking forward to more opportunities, continually developing relationships, bigger blessings and of course - keeping it kinky!

I must say that without God and being motivated because of my princess, I'm not sure where I would be and what I would be doing.  Never would I have imagined that one - I would be blogging (about hair of all things) and two - I would have a natural hair page. They say never to say never right?  Well, what I WILL say is that I am glad that I did!

I won't go into detail AGAIN about why I went natural and why I started my page Kinky Kinetik as you can read that there and/or you may already know.  I won't complain about the nights I've stayed up answering questions, reading about hair, replying to posts/inboxed messages and networking.  However, what I WILL say is thank you kinkies for supporting me and allowing me to continue to talk about one of the many things that I love and have an interest in.

Thank you kinkies for sharing my page, following my blog, commenting on posts/pictures, entering my giveaways and overall acknowledging my presence, especially when there are sooooooooooooooo many others out there doing some of the same things that I'm doing.  Thank you to my sponsors, for your donations in my giveaways, and thanks to my suppliers for providing me with the natural hair products on which my reviews are based.

I look forward to continuing my success in 2012 and I speak into existence bigger and better things!!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and as always...
Keep It Kinky!!

Y'all see that twinkle in my eye?!?  No, it's not the flash in my glasses (LoL), it's the love I have for my kinkies that support me continuously!! I love the relationship building!!  XOXO

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Product Review - Goody's Betsy Bobby Slides

So, Walgreens had a sale on Goody's Betsy Bobby Slides.  They normally got for about $5-6 but they were on sale for $2 and you get a $2 coupon  so essentially then would end up free.  Those who don't know, should know, that my favorite words are free, sale and clearance... and if coupled with a coupon - I'm in heaven.
 Anyways, I bought one pack since they said limit one coupon at that time.  I meant to go back and get another but I forgot.  That's okay, there will be another sale... I think... I hope. (crossing my fingers, eyes and toes)

So I had my twists in and I wanted to pull them back into a braided bun.  I don't like to use bobby pins too much as they snag your hair.  I make sure the ends are okay before I put them in but for some reason, when it's time to take them out, at least ONE decides it wants to stay in my hair.  So I used the bobby slider and only needed one!
Not only are they cute and decorative, you don't have to use a bunch of bobby pins to pin down your bun! .
I will buy these again, but only if it's free again.  I don't want to spend more than I have to.

Disclaimer: I purchased the above product and was NOT paid to do this review.  The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product.  Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Goody and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product and/or the company.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Product Review - Coco Curls

I had recently heard about Coco Curls and was interested in trying the product out to see if it would do what the website suggested... and that is giving you sexier curls naturally!  I was thankful when Jeannell sent me out a full-sized product to try.

Like the other products reviews that I have and/or will continue to do, I tried Coco Curls on me and my daughter's hair since we have two totally different hair types.

What's in Coco Curls?

Natural moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, as well as 100% pure essential oils (as per the website).

What's your first impression of Coco Curls Kinky?
I expected it to smell like coconut.  And it didn't.  LoL.  I don't know why I expected it to smell that way, I guess because of the name... it doesn't smell bad, just doesn't smell like coconut... but don't mind me.

Coco Curls has a soft, creamy, pudding-like texture.  I have to say that I like it, for curls, better on my daughter and her type 3 hair, than on my hair.  I don't think that the word 'sexy' and term '8-year-old' should really be in the same sentence; however, for the purpose of this review, I will say that my daughter DID have some sexy curls... see for yourself...
 Her twist out.
 'Sexier' curls... naturally...
I also used Coco Curls daily on my princess' hair to style and slick down her ponytails.

As for me, I didn't dare leave my hair out (trying to do more protective styles).  I used Coco Curls to do my two strand twists and here are the results...
 FYI - I really don't like the pic above, but I wanted to show you guys that I REALLY did have the Coco Curls product.  This is me after washing my hair.  As for the pic below, I used Coco Curls on my semi-damp/almost dry hair and I twisted my hair. I would say it was about 75-80% dry.  You can see the product still on my hands and the definition of my tresses.
 These are my completed twists, no parts - just done.  I like how they came out.  Took me hoooooooours!
 Yayness, I'm all done... and here's the finished product...
And here I am later on that night... or was it the next day?  Well, regardless, it was within 24 hours of me doing my hair and I was on my way to celebrate a friend's birthday.
 Here I am with my princess, rocking a Coco Curls twist out... 
 And yes, I am aware that the beret doesn't match; however, it was a gift that I was trying on. 
Overall, Coco Curls worked well on my twists, which turned into a twist out.  I left my twists in for a week.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my review on Coco Curls.  As always, keep it kinky!

Where to buy: Coco Curls

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purposes of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review.  The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product,  Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Coco Curls and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product and/or the company.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hair's Some Drama For You!

So, if you haven't heard, you will soon hear about the 'anonymous' letter that was sent to African Export (whom I love by the way).

In this letter, one 'concerned black woman' talks of how certain natural hair sites are owned by those of a different 'hue.'  The concerned black woman (CBW) name dropped a few websites and vlog/bloggers and basically implied that they are bankrolled under Naturally Curly (who reportedly bought Curly Nikki).  The letter also mentions that instead of representing freedom and independence, the natural hair community is dependent on other races to provide the information and services that we, as people of African American descent, need.  We are noted as relying on Brazilians for blow outs and Koreans for beauty supplies...

So what are your thoughts Kinky?  To be honest, I could believe that some are paid off to do reviews and promote products.  I've felt that way even prior to starting my own blog and Facebook fan page.  Why did I start the two?  To share both information and my thoughts.  (You can read my 'about me' and 'info' sections on FB and blogger to learn more.)  But anyways, natural hair vlogs/blogs and fan pages now seem like the 'in' thing to do and some may look at being natural as a trend.  Some may also be profiting from this 'trend' and 'in' thing to do.  If that's the case, then to each, their own!   I'm not going to hate on them, CBW, because they're getting opportunities that I'm not... I'm going to take what some of them say, possibly with a grain of salt, and continue to formulate my own thoughts and opinions on certain products and such.

Now, I can't say which vlog/blogger is or isn't being paid off by 'white women,' as that is not a concern of mine and I don't have the desire and time to attempt to research it.  All I can truthfully say is that I am NOT being paid (sucks right?).  I feel like this: before I started my Facebook fan page and this here blog, I must admit that I partially felt the way CBW does with regards to people being paid to do natural hair things.  To a degree, I still feel the way she does!  On my personal FB page, I posted a status a few days ago that said: if everything  or everyone is your best, favorite, etc., how are you showing your loyalty to any one thing?!?  There's a difference from liking and loving.  I posted that as a status message to basically say that if you try 20 products and you 'absolutely love' all the products, I can't take you seriously and I'm wondering how you think someone else will!  To me, people like that may be getting paid or kissing up to get paid.  I'm just saying... you don't have to agree.

Of note, I've done, and am working on, some product reviews, some products I have paid for myself.  My reviews will continue to be based on how I feel about the product, not what they suggest I say.
Now as for relying on Koreans, Brazilians, whites or an elephant for our hair needs, I think we should use what we feel works for our hair.  If you learn about a great product from a Brazilian, get dope weaves from the Koreans or an awesome style from a 'white' website that shows a black face, then so be it!  Shoot, just because it's 'black owned and operated' - does that mean that we HAVE to use them as a resource?  If you say yes then I beg to differ.  Just because a black person sales and/or promotes a product, I am not obligated to buy it, or suggest it to others.  Oh, you don't want to say? Okay fine, I will!  It's not always other nationalities that are trying to profit off of blacks and bring 'us' down, sometimes we do it to ourselves!  (Did I put a foot on my soapbox?)  With that said, I won't knock another kinky for using Aussie and I won't commend another kinky for using African Pride.   

The letter by CBW has me thinking a few things: is she mad because she wasn't afforded an opportunity to do reviews?  is she doing reviews and just not being paid?  is she beefing with another vlog/blogger? is she sincerely upset that blacks are not behind the sites and products? 

Shoot, if organizations and people can/may/do profit off of prisons, charter schools, etc., what makes one think they won't do it off of a natural hair industry, which is booming?!?!

I guess I won't ever know... but anyways kinkies, this is my reaction and thoughts about the letter.  I guess it shouldn't matter about the who, what and why.  I think what matters most is that we are natural, getting tips, finding what works best for us, and running with that. We can't and won't be able to control that people are profiting, possibly lying in reviews and getting needs met by others of a lighter hue.

Jay-Z said believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see...  with that said, it is what it is... I can't knock their hustle!

View African Export's blog and CBW's letter here --->Letter from a CBW...

Hey Kinkies, It's A Natty New Years Giveaway!!!

Have you ever wanted to try Natty Butter by All Things O'Natural?  Are you still working to find the right products for your natural hair?  Have you decided that for 2012, you will do better for your natural hair?

As a natural, I've made mistakes, changed regimens and opted to not use certain products.  I haven't been as good to my hair as I could have been and I wish that I did more research before and during my natural journey.  I wish that I did not allow 'professionals' do certain things to my hair, creating damage.  Let's just say that if I knew then, what I knew now... things would be a lot different!  With that said, for the new year, 2012, I'm speaking into existence the healthiness of my hair... our hair!

Now is your chance to make a New Hair Resolution AND try Natty Butter!

In order to be eligible, you MUST do the following:

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If you haven't, please read my review on Natty Butter.  Click --->Kinky's Natty Butter Review

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Kinky's 2012 new hair resolution: no more chemical dyes and continue to not use brushes or combs (unless detangling with a product).  Also, I'm going to seek to achieve a better moisturizing regimen to ensure that I can retain and maintain lengthy, moisturized, healthy hair.

Happy New Hair Kinkies!!

But Mommy, I Don't Want To Wear My Hair Like That!

You know, it gets under my skin when I see what some parents do to their children's hair.  They either don't do it (yet theirs is done) or it is styled in such a way that makes you want to question their frame of mind.  I know some of you may think: who is Kinky to judge?!?!  However, I can bet my entire month's paycheck that you've felt some kind of way about a child's hair that you have seen in passing.

First, let me start with sewn-in weaves.  Now, I've worn sewn-in weaves; however, I'm grown.  A few years ago, I walked into my daughter's kindergarten class and I saw a KINDERGARTNER with a sewn-in weave.  How do you know it was a sewn in Kinky?  Because I inspected it! I saw the braids and I saw the tracks!  (Shoot, I had to be sure!)

Now, I honestly think that a child in kindergarten is too damn young for a sewn-in weave.  To date, this girl still wears sewn-in weaves (now in 3rd grade) along with extensions.  But are extensions any better?
I've seen children in extensions and man oh man, does it get under my skin when they have them all down their back... in class whipping their hair back and forth.  My daughter is now in 3rd grade and I see some of her friends, and younger students, with extensions to their butt.  I feel as though little girls should look and act like little girls.  No, they don't have to be in bows, pink and lace; however, we don't need to have our children looking grown and then eventually playing the part of 'acting grown.'  Now you may be thinking: What's the difference between their [own] hair being down their back and the extensions Kinky?  Well, for one, the extensions put stress on the hair, especially if they are kept in too long and everyone doesn't take care of their braids.  Then comes the part of having to take them out, which can be even further damaging.  Secondly, I think some people are so obsessed with having LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG hair, you can only imagine the perception that child (and the work of their parent) are  creating.  That child may think that it is better to have long, flowing hair when in actuality, they should really be happy with what they have.

Hmm, should we go with braids instead of a relaxer, Kinky? Honestly, I think almost ANYTHING is better than a relaxer!  Yes, a relaxer may give you that 'manageable' hair that you yearn.  Your hair may be silky and smooth; however, you're sacrificing your child's/your health for it.
Relaxers contain harsh chemicals and may cause scalp damage/irritation, affect hair growth and cause your hair to thin.  In addition, there may also be risk to those that are pregnant and choose to get a relaxer.  The fact that some products are labeled as 'no lye' may be misleading consumers to think that there are no harsh chemicals.  Truth be told, there are STILL harsh chemicals in a relaxer; however, the type of chemicals may vary.  
Although they sale 'kiddie' relaxers, there's no guarantee that they are less toxic.  Some may opt for a texturizer; however, it's still made of harsh chemicals.  Better safe than sorry (you ever got a relaxer).

Lastly, let me talk about locs.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOOOOOOOVE locs; however, I haven't made that big step to get them.  If I were to ever get them, I think I would get sisterlocs or smaller 'regular' locs... but anyways, this isn't about me now is it? 

I get mixed emotions when I see kids with locs, especially when they are not in the teen years and can decide what they want.  I love locs when they are styled in a cute way; however, I wonder, did that child ASK to have their hair in locs?  

To me locs, and relaxers, are a long-term commitment, moreso than corn braids and ponytails.  When a parent opts to put a relaxer in a child's hair, they're making that commitment to relax their hair for possibly a lifetime.  Or, until the child decides they no longer want to have a perm.  The same goes for locs.  There's a boy that goes to my daughter's school and his mom has locs... so does his three-to-four year old sister.  For some reason, he doesn't.  He has always kept a low-cut fade. 

I know some parents may say, "Well it's MY child and I will put a perm/locs in his/her hair if I want to."  Although it's your prerogative to do what you want with and to your child (we all know there's limits), should we consider what the children want, think and/or feel about their hair?

Once that child becomes a tween and they have either a relaxer or locs, are you as a parent going to allow them to change their hair?  Why did you put a relaxer/locs in their hair in the first place?  Should a child even have a relaxer or weave in their hair?  Since you're relaxing and loc'ing their hair, are you also going to color it?  Did you put those locs in for personal reasons or did you feel as though it was the only way to get your child's hair to grow?  Does your child question how/why you do their hair the way that you do?  Is it really necessary to have your 2nd grader with colored extensions that come to their butt?  Did you put locs in their hair due to cultural beliefs/practices?

After thoughts: I know this blog topic may not be the most popular among the other blogs and posts that I have done, and I accept that.  It took me about a week or so to write this.  I added, omitted, reworded, etc., quite a few times.  I am not intentionally passing judgement and trying to make anyone feel bad about the choices that they make for their children's hair.  I'm not sure that I went about the message in the most politically correct way; however, those that know me know that I am not always politically correct.  I tend to go against the grain, speak my thoughts and speak my mind... perhaps it shouldn't even matter...

However, please understand that I just want you all to be cognizant of the choices made when it comes to your children's hair.  They are people too and have thoughts, feelings and emotions, especially when it comes to their image.  I suggest you ask them how they want their hair, get their buy-in and come to a consensus BEFORE making a commitment to one particular style.  

Please, feel free to share your thoughts and reactions... I'm open to conversation and feedback!

~Keep it kinky!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Kinkies!

Wishing you all a 'Kinky' CHRISTmas
From Kinky Kinetik
and her natural princess!

~keep it kinky!~


Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Kinkies, It's My 150 Likes Giveaway!!! And I Have A Bonus Giveaway!

As some of you know, I started my natural hair page on Facebook, and this here blog, to help educate others, show them where I went wrong (and ensure they don't make the same mistakes), and help them to show how NATURALLY POWERFUL we are! In doing so, I've gained 150 likes in such a short amount of time!!  Talk about being excited, inspired to keep going, and grateful!

To help me celebrate, my friend over at "my black skin..." is sponsoring my very 1st giveaway!!  (And the crowd goes WILD!!)  One fabulous kinky will win the shirt below.

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The giveaway will run from 12/12 - 12/19/11 and the winner will be announced on 12/21/11. 

**Bonus giveaway:  if I get to 400 likes by the time this giveaway ends, I will throw in a $25 gift card to Sally's for ANOTHER randomly picked kinky!  I know we can do it kinkies!

The winner will have 48 hours to reply once announced.

Go tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend to come by my FB page, Kinky Kinetik

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Product Review - Natty Moist and Natty Butter

I finally gave in to temptation, curiosity and my (recovering) product junkie-ism.  I purchased me some Natty Moist and Natty Butter from All Things O'Natural.   

What's in Natty Moist?
Ayurvedic Herb Infused Water, Unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Aloe Vera Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Guar Conditioner, BTMS, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrolized Silk Protein, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B), Citric Acid, Vegetable Emulsifier, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Natural Fragrance. 

What's in Natty Butter?
Unrefined Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Evening Primrose, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Essential Oil Blend, Special Blend of Ayurvedic Herbs, Natural Fragrance.

What's your first impression of NM & NB Kinky?
I must say that I'm pleased with the results (and smell) of these two products.  I was soooooo excited when my package arrived, man oh man did it smell yummy enough to eat!  My daughter even said, "What smells so good Mommy?"  Truth be told, I didn't want to tell her what it was because I knew I would have to share with her.  But, sharing is caring right?!? ;-P
The products come in this cute little bag.   The presentation is just adorable.
Here are the products laid out together...
As stated in my MHS shampoo review, I applied the NM & NB to my dry, day old washed hair.  Anytime you are trying a product for the first time, it is suggested that your hair be clean and free of other products.  MHS helped me to achieve that.  Look at the definition of my hair, and this was just after a few minutes of twisting and then untwisting one twist.

This is me with my full head twisted in medium size twists.  I know I'm cheesing right?!?  It's because I was happy with the results.  Even after a few days, my hair is still bouncy, moisturized and well defined and I've been apply both products daily.  I can (as my daughter says) whip my hair back and forth.  Just as an aside, Natty Moist is to moisturize and condition the hair.  Natty Butter is to seal in that moisture.  I'm not going to post a pic of my actual twist out (yet) as I am preserving my twists for Tuesday (12/13/11) as I have a company party to attend.  Maybe I will show another pic later...
Here is a pic of the back of my daughters wet hair.  Again, the NM &NB were applied to her wet hair.

The following two pics are the morning after applying the NM & NB to my daughter's type 3 hair.  My daughter fell asleep while I was doing her hair; however, I made sure that her satin bonnet was applied.
I think she loves NM & NB too... right along with her Build-A-Bears!

My only disappointment is that I didn't get the flower that I thought would come with it... as pictured on the site and talked about by her fans.  I really wanted to rock it with my twist out.  I know, I know!  I have to get over it!  LoL.  Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and I do recommend this product.  My type 4 hair needs all the moisture it can get and especially since I have permanent hair color, the protein in the Natty Moist is great for restoration and moisturizing my tresses.  As for the Natty Butter, it's awesome for sealing in the moisture.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you don't have to limit  your usage to your hair.  No, before you ask, you CANNOT eat it (LoL) but you can apply it to your body as well as your hair.

Well, thanks for reading my product review on Natty Moist and Natty Butter.  Make sure you also review my review of Michelle's Herbal Shampoo.  I will also be posting reviews of other products in the future.

As always, keep it kinky!

Where to buy: Living The Natty Lifestyle

Disclaimer: I purchased the above product and was NOT paid to do this review.  The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product.  Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with All Things O'Natural and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product and/or the company.

Product Review - Michelle's Herbal Shampoo

Ok, so I wanted to try Michelle's Herbal Shampoo since my natural sis, Dominique raved about it.  So I purchased some, used it on me and my daughter's hair... and below are my thoughts... 

What's in Michelle's Herbal Shampoo?
Michelle's Herbal Shampoo distilled water, black soap, vegetable glycerin, an herbal mixture and a multitude of great oils (some of which are essential oils).

What's your first impression of Michelle's Herbal Shampoo Kinky?

I have to say that I absolutely love it.  It has sort of a lemony scent and is sort of the texture and consistency of almond milk; however, it is brown.  You can smell the shampoo through the bottle!  Here are some silly pics of me and MHS. The 1st pic is my "This is the business look!" and the 2nd is my "I love this" look.  LoL.

I applied MHS to me and my daughter's dry hair and scalp (water preservation) and after I massaged our scalps with it and rubbed some down our hair, it was off to the shower to wash it out.  (Of course this process was at separate times).  Unlike some shampoos that have sulfates and other synthetic or unnatural chemicals in them, this did not leave our hair feeling dry at all.  My hair was literally squeaky clean (I know this because I touched my hair and heard the squeak).  

Here is a "before we shampooed" pic of my daughter.
  This is our hair with the shampoo applied.
Here's an "after we shampooed" pic of both my daughter and I.
After washing, I didn't apply any product(s) to my hair as I planned on twisting my hair the following day, after it was completely dry and somewhat stretched out. I have to admit, my hair was still moisturized the following morning.  Later that night, I used Natty Moist and Natty Butter to twist it.  However, I twisted my daughter's hair after washing (while it was wet) and applied Natty Moist and Natty Butter on wet hair.

I would definitely purchase this product again.

See the Natty Moist and Natty Butter review for pics and my review of both products.

Disclaimer: I purchased the above product and was NOT paid to do this review.  The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product.  Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Michelle's Herbal Shampoo and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product and/or the company.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long Hair, Don't Care?!? Uh, Well You Should!

So, thanks to Lil' Wayne, men and women alike are going around shouting 'long hair, don't care.' Contrary to belief, you SHOULD care!!

Some women may be obsessed with long hair.  I can admit, that I DO want my hair to be long... just as it was when I had a perm.  However, I do also want it to be healthy.  The thing some fail to realize is that just because your hair is long, it doesn't mean that it is healthy!  At what LENGTH will you go to, just to say you have LONG hair? (pun intended) Your LONG hair can be dull, dry, lifeless and have SPLIT ENDS!!

What causes split ends Kinky?  How can I prevent them?  Some causes of split ends can be:

~Brushing and/or back-teasing you hair,
~Combing hair while it is dry (especially AA hair),
~Not conditioning (and moisturizing) your hair,
~Chemicals (perms, dyes, etc.),
~Not trimming when needed,
~Your clothes (yep, your hair can snag on shirts, sweaters, hats and scarves), 
~Excessive use of heat, and
~Trimming with inferior scissors (household or kitchen scissors that are dull).

What can I do to prevent split ends Kinky?  You can search AND destroy!!

Besides doing the opposite of what is listed above, you can do a search in destroy.  A S & D is when you take portions of your hair at a time and trim off fairy knots and split ends.  Some may elect to do this as opposed to actually trimming their hair entire head.

Well I ain't trimming my hair!!  How will it GROW if I keep cutting it?!?  To be honest, you really SHOULD cut those fairy knots and trim those split ends.  Why you ask?  Because they are making matters worst for your hair.  And yes, your hair may still grow with the split ends; however, you also risk the 'split' traveling up the shaft of your hair. You risk your beautiful tresses breaking.  You risk those split ends affected the other strands on your naturally, beautiful hair.

So kinkies... I say go for it, trim those ends, do a dusting, search and destroy!!  It seems that that's the only way to get rid of split ends.  Some products out there, such as Nexxus ProMend, allege that they repair split ends as follows:
My only thing is, I have to see it to believe it... I don't know of any PROVEN product, or protein treatment, that repairs hair as above.

If not interested in dusting and you're not sure of how to go about trimming your hair, try using the picture below as a model.  I've actually watched YouTube videos and know of people that use the method below.  A few nights ago when I twisted my hair, I cut the ends based on the same principle.

Here is a picture of some types of split ends:

I hope that the information above has helped you in some way.  Feel free to comment as well as let me know if I missed anything.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hair's A Secret: Strong Enough For A Man, But pH Balance For My Hair?

When you think of pH, the first thing that may come to mind is that old Secret commercial where they claimed that their deodorant is strong enough for a man but pH balanced for a woman.  Aside from thinking deodorant, you should think HAIR!! Yep, hair!

What is pH?  pH is the "potential of hydrogen," or the measure of how acidic or basic (alkaline) a solution or substance is.  pH levels range from 0 - 14. 

There is a scale that one can use to determine how acidic or alkaline/basic a given substance is.  If the pH is measured at 7, such as in distilled water, it is neutral. If it goes above 7, like for bleaches and detergents, it is considered basic or alkaline. If the pH is measured below 7, like for vinegar and lemon juice, it is considered acidic.  The pH on the hair and scalp is usually about 4.5 - 5.

How does pH affect hair?  pH affects the health of your hair.  As such, you need to be mindful of the products that you use on your hair.  Some people may use baking soda to raise their pH level.  The use of apple cider vinegar (ACV) may help hair to be more resilient, smoother and stronger.  If using baking soda on your scalp, you need to understand that it has a high pH level (and isn't natural).

In order to clean the build-up that is on hair and scalp, shampoo has to be acidic.  Shampoos can range from a pH of 4/4.5 to around 8.5.  Permanent hair dyes contain alkaline chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which can penetrate hair strands to their cores, or the cortexes. As a result, the production of melanin, which is responsible for your natural hair color is affected. Because permanent hair coloring can be highly basic and may have corrosive properties on hair, it is not always a recommended option for people who want to maintain healthy and strong tresses.  (Man I wish I knew this before I died my hair!  Next time I will try some henna...)  Perms have a pH of 11 - 14, while texturizers may be in the range of
8 - 11.

Should I care about my hair/scalp's pH level?  Yes as it helps to keep bacteria and fungi off of our scalp.

I found the following summary on a reply about pH levels of hair:

~pH 2.0: hard; smooth; not resilient; breaks easily
~pH 6.0: not as hard; smooth; very resilient; resists breaking
~pH 10.0: rough; not very resilient; tends to break easily
~pH 12.0: very rough; not resilient; tends to break very easily

As read on other sites, pH for hair is generally good at a level of 4.5 - 5.5.  Products with a pH level of 4.5 - 7 is noted to be good for our hair.

As per information that I gathered from YouTube vlogger, Kimmay:

~ACV is safe when diluted to 4 pH,
~aloe vera juice is 4 and good for a leave in conditioner or water bottle spritz,
~after wetting hair, use an acidifier within the pH range of 4 - 6 to close the cuticle (4 - 5 may be more effective), and
~the safe range for washing hair is a 4 - 7 pH (no harm done).

If you want to test the pH of products that you use, the plastic strips are better to use than the paper strips.  the pH strip can be pricey and they do very when it comes to the level of pH testing (basically, not all strips go to 14). 

Given the above and Kimmay's awesome hair growth, I may try to consider pH and my hair a bit more.  What about you?  What are your thoughts?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Interview With Natasha, A Recent "Big Chopper"

Good afternoon Natasha.  Thank you so much for agreeing to participate in this interview.  I'm truly excited to be doing this interview with you... let's get started!

For those that don't know you, please introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been natural.  My name is Natasha Moore, my maiden name is Weir...  I have been fully natural since my big chop on October 24, 2011, I transitioned for eight months to a year.

So, what made you want to transition then decide to do the big chop?  At first I was transitioning but I was so bored with wearing weaves all the time so I slowly just started to wear my hair... It had been so long since I have worn my actual hair with nothing extra added.  On October 24, 2011, I was having a conversation with you actually and I went in the bathroom and I just cut it... Very liberating!  (insert Kinky Kinetik's blushing here - LoL)

What products do you use on your natural hair?  Right now honestly I'm not using anything but Olive Oil and Eco Styler Gel.

What's your hair type?  I am type 4A.  OK, so we have the same hair type.  Just so you know, some natural belles may have two hair types... not sure if that's a gift or a curse... :-)

What's your favorite style to wear while your rocking your TWA?  I love, love, love all types of headbands.  I didn't realize a headband could make such a huge difference!  Yes, they can... I love headbands... some can be a bit pricey though...

What's your daily regimen?  I wash my hair now once every two weeks, I cowash every week. Since I live in Florida, I can get away with a wet and go.

In thinking of a celebrity, who is your hair inspiration idol?  Solonge Knowles... I love, love, love her natural hair!
What, if any, influence did Kinky Kinetik have on you 'going natural?'  Kinky Kinetik has been one of my biggest inspirations!  From your style to the different hair regimens that you have given once my hair gets to a certain length.  I really appreciate that Natasha!

Have you considered (and or will you) going back to a perm?  I haven't considered going back to getting my hair permed.  I am however having a weave itch, with which I can satisfy with wigs.  So I have been doing great.

What (and/or who) was it that also helped you make the decision to go natural?  My mom, Kera (Kinky) Kinetik, Solange Knowles, and Fusion of Culture.  These people all played a key roll in me going fully natural.

What, if any, advice and/or suggestions would you give to someone who is looking to transition or do a big chop, yet are reluctant?  The only advice I can give is do it when you're ready and when you are 100%.  Natural hair is a process and its requires a lot of patience and creativity.  Don't use other people's hair quality or hair type as a reason why you want to go natural, everyone's curl and form is completely different. Do it for you and no one else.  Go 'head Tasha!!  Right on!! 

Well thank you so very much Tasha.  I really appreciate your participating in this interview.  Just so you know, I too love Solange!  I love her edginess, her music and that she's not ashamed to be natural in the industry, where you're judged on darn near everything.

I'm glad that I was an inspiration for you Tasha, as I try to be for those who are and/or want to 'go natural.'  I'm sure that this interview will also help someone who may be wanting to transition or just go ahead and do their big chop!  You have definitely inspired me to keep doing what I'm doing and encouraging others to rock their natural hair!

Keep it kinky!! 

Where to contact Tasha, Tasha's FB Blog
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