Monday, December 26, 2011

Hair's Some Drama For You!

So, if you haven't heard, you will soon hear about the 'anonymous' letter that was sent to African Export (whom I love by the way).

In this letter, one 'concerned black woman' talks of how certain natural hair sites are owned by those of a different 'hue.'  The concerned black woman (CBW) name dropped a few websites and vlog/bloggers and basically implied that they are bankrolled under Naturally Curly (who reportedly bought Curly Nikki).  The letter also mentions that instead of representing freedom and independence, the natural hair community is dependent on other races to provide the information and services that we, as people of African American descent, need.  We are noted as relying on Brazilians for blow outs and Koreans for beauty supplies...

So what are your thoughts Kinky?  To be honest, I could believe that some are paid off to do reviews and promote products.  I've felt that way even prior to starting my own blog and Facebook fan page.  Why did I start the two?  To share both information and my thoughts.  (You can read my 'about me' and 'info' sections on FB and blogger to learn more.)  But anyways, natural hair vlogs/blogs and fan pages now seem like the 'in' thing to do and some may look at being natural as a trend.  Some may also be profiting from this 'trend' and 'in' thing to do.  If that's the case, then to each, their own!   I'm not going to hate on them, CBW, because they're getting opportunities that I'm not... I'm going to take what some of them say, possibly with a grain of salt, and continue to formulate my own thoughts and opinions on certain products and such.

Now, I can't say which vlog/blogger is or isn't being paid off by 'white women,' as that is not a concern of mine and I don't have the desire and time to attempt to research it.  All I can truthfully say is that I am NOT being paid (sucks right?).  I feel like this: before I started my Facebook fan page and this here blog, I must admit that I partially felt the way CBW does with regards to people being paid to do natural hair things.  To a degree, I still feel the way she does!  On my personal FB page, I posted a status a few days ago that said: if everything  or everyone is your best, favorite, etc., how are you showing your loyalty to any one thing?!?  There's a difference from liking and loving.  I posted that as a status message to basically say that if you try 20 products and you 'absolutely love' all the products, I can't take you seriously and I'm wondering how you think someone else will!  To me, people like that may be getting paid or kissing up to get paid.  I'm just saying... you don't have to agree.

Of note, I've done, and am working on, some product reviews, some products I have paid for myself.  My reviews will continue to be based on how I feel about the product, not what they suggest I say.
Now as for relying on Koreans, Brazilians, whites or an elephant for our hair needs, I think we should use what we feel works for our hair.  If you learn about a great product from a Brazilian, get dope weaves from the Koreans or an awesome style from a 'white' website that shows a black face, then so be it!  Shoot, just because it's 'black owned and operated' - does that mean that we HAVE to use them as a resource?  If you say yes then I beg to differ.  Just because a black person sales and/or promotes a product, I am not obligated to buy it, or suggest it to others.  Oh, you don't want to say? Okay fine, I will!  It's not always other nationalities that are trying to profit off of blacks and bring 'us' down, sometimes we do it to ourselves!  (Did I put a foot on my soapbox?)  With that said, I won't knock another kinky for using Aussie and I won't commend another kinky for using African Pride.   

The letter by CBW has me thinking a few things: is she mad because she wasn't afforded an opportunity to do reviews?  is she doing reviews and just not being paid?  is she beefing with another vlog/blogger? is she sincerely upset that blacks are not behind the sites and products? 

Shoot, if organizations and people can/may/do profit off of prisons, charter schools, etc., what makes one think they won't do it off of a natural hair industry, which is booming?!?!

I guess I won't ever know... but anyways kinkies, this is my reaction and thoughts about the letter.  I guess it shouldn't matter about the who, what and why.  I think what matters most is that we are natural, getting tips, finding what works best for us, and running with that. We can't and won't be able to control that people are profiting, possibly lying in reviews and getting needs met by others of a lighter hue.

Jay-Z said believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see...  with that said, it is what it is... I can't knock their hustle!

View African Export's blog and CBW's letter here --->Letter from a CBW...

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