Monday, December 26, 2011

Hey Kinkies, It's A Natty New Years Giveaway!!!

Have you ever wanted to try Natty Butter by All Things O'Natural?  Are you still working to find the right products for your natural hair?  Have you decided that for 2012, you will do better for your natural hair?

As a natural, I've made mistakes, changed regimens and opted to not use certain products.  I haven't been as good to my hair as I could have been and I wish that I did more research before and during my natural journey.  I wish that I did not allow 'professionals' do certain things to my hair, creating damage.  Let's just say that if I knew then, what I knew now... things would be a lot different!  With that said, for the new year, 2012, I'm speaking into existence the healthiness of my hair... our hair!

Now is your chance to make a New Hair Resolution AND try Natty Butter!

In order to be eligible, you MUST do the following:

1.  Like my Facebook page Kinky Kinetik
2.  Post a comment on my giveaway note stating: "Enter me, my 2012 new hair's resolution is..."

Optional: follow my blog Kinky's Blog

The giveaway will run from 12/26/11 - 1/1/12 at 6pm EST and the winner will be announced on 1/3/12.  The winner will have 48 hours to reply once announced.  Open to US residents only.

If you haven't, please read my review on Natty Butter.  Click --->Kinky's Natty Butter Review

Make sure that you tell a friend to tell another friend to come by my page Kinky's FB page

Kinky's 2012 new hair resolution: no more chemical dyes and continue to not use brushes or combs (unless detangling with a product).  Also, I'm going to seek to achieve a better moisturizing regimen to ensure that I can retain and maintain lengthy, moisturized, healthy hair.

Happy New Hair Kinkies!!

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