Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long Hair, Don't Care?!? Uh, Well You Should!

So, thanks to Lil' Wayne, men and women alike are going around shouting 'long hair, don't care.' Contrary to belief, you SHOULD care!!

Some women may be obsessed with long hair.  I can admit, that I DO want my hair to be long... just as it was when I had a perm.  However, I do also want it to be healthy.  The thing some fail to realize is that just because your hair is long, it doesn't mean that it is healthy!  At what LENGTH will you go to, just to say you have LONG hair? (pun intended) Your LONG hair can be dull, dry, lifeless and have SPLIT ENDS!!

What causes split ends Kinky?  How can I prevent them?  Some causes of split ends can be:

~Brushing and/or back-teasing you hair,
~Combing hair while it is dry (especially AA hair),
~Not conditioning (and moisturizing) your hair,
~Chemicals (perms, dyes, etc.),
~Not trimming when needed,
~Your clothes (yep, your hair can snag on shirts, sweaters, hats and scarves), 
~Excessive use of heat, and
~Trimming with inferior scissors (household or kitchen scissors that are dull).

What can I do to prevent split ends Kinky?  You can search AND destroy!!

Besides doing the opposite of what is listed above, you can do a search in destroy.  A S & D is when you take portions of your hair at a time and trim off fairy knots and split ends.  Some may elect to do this as opposed to actually trimming their hair entire head.

Well I ain't trimming my hair!!  How will it GROW if I keep cutting it?!?  To be honest, you really SHOULD cut those fairy knots and trim those split ends.  Why you ask?  Because they are making matters worst for your hair.  And yes, your hair may still grow with the split ends; however, you also risk the 'split' traveling up the shaft of your hair. You risk your beautiful tresses breaking.  You risk those split ends affected the other strands on your naturally, beautiful hair.

So kinkies... I say go for it, trim those ends, do a dusting, search and destroy!!  It seems that that's the only way to get rid of split ends.  Some products out there, such as Nexxus ProMend, allege that they repair split ends as follows:
My only thing is, I have to see it to believe it... I don't know of any PROVEN product, or protein treatment, that repairs hair as above.

If not interested in dusting and you're not sure of how to go about trimming your hair, try using the picture below as a model.  I've actually watched YouTube videos and know of people that use the method below.  A few nights ago when I twisted my hair, I cut the ends based on the same principle.

Here is a picture of some types of split ends:

I hope that the information above has helped you in some way.  Feel free to comment as well as let me know if I missed anything.

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  1. I did the trim point method right before I got my microbraids installed. I just wish I had taken a picture so I could measure my growth after I take them out. Anyway, I'm anxious to see what my ends will look like when I take them out.


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