Friday, December 2, 2011

My Scalp Has A Yeast Infection!!

OK, so maybe the title was just to grab your attention...  My hair doesn't have a yeast infection and neither does my scalp, but does that mean I shouldn't use the product below?

Hmm, I'm guessing not!  However, there are some women out there that believe that the active ingredient, Miconazole Nitrate, is the answer to hair growth,  I know, I know, weird right?!?

Now, when I thought I had heard every tip possible to grow natural hair, I run into this information.  Normally I'm an optimistic, willing to try some things at least once; however, I cannot say that my product junkie-ism will allow me to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a box of the above.  And after buying said product, proceed to open it, put it on my scalp and go on my merry way.  Nope, can't do it, won't do it!

I read that mixing your yeast infection cream with an oil and applying it frequently to your scalp will help in hair growth.  I've also read that the same regimen will also cause headaches in some.  (I guess that's the stimulation helping with the hair growth).

They say don't knock something until you try it but err uh ummm... I am knocking, pushing down and stomping the idea of using yeast infection cream on my scalp.  I think I would rather stick to Castor and other oils that aid in healthy hair growth.

Is this 'insane in the membrane?'  Are we as a people that obsessed with hair growth that we would go to such heights (or lows rather) to achieve hair length?  What do you think?

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