Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Product Review - Coco Curls

I had recently heard about Coco Curls and was interested in trying the product out to see if it would do what the website suggested... and that is giving you sexier curls naturally!  I was thankful when Jeannell sent me out a full-sized product to try.

Like the other products reviews that I have and/or will continue to do, I tried Coco Curls on me and my daughter's hair since we have two totally different hair types.

What's in Coco Curls?

Natural moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, as well as 100% pure essential oils (as per the website).

What's your first impression of Coco Curls Kinky?
I expected it to smell like coconut.  And it didn't.  LoL.  I don't know why I expected it to smell that way, I guess because of the name... it doesn't smell bad, just doesn't smell like coconut... but don't mind me.

Coco Curls has a soft, creamy, pudding-like texture.  I have to say that I like it, for curls, better on my daughter and her type 3 hair, than on my hair.  I don't think that the word 'sexy' and term '8-year-old' should really be in the same sentence; however, for the purpose of this review, I will say that my daughter DID have some sexy curls... see for yourself...
 Her twist out.
 'Sexier' curls... naturally...
I also used Coco Curls daily on my princess' hair to style and slick down her ponytails.

As for me, I didn't dare leave my hair out (trying to do more protective styles).  I used Coco Curls to do my two strand twists and here are the results...
 FYI - I really don't like the pic above, but I wanted to show you guys that I REALLY did have the Coco Curls product.  This is me after washing my hair.  As for the pic below, I used Coco Curls on my semi-damp/almost dry hair and I twisted my hair. I would say it was about 75-80% dry.  You can see the product still on my hands and the definition of my tresses.
 These are my completed twists, no parts - just done.  I like how they came out.  Took me hoooooooours!
 Yayness, I'm all done... and here's the finished product...
And here I am later on that night... or was it the next day?  Well, regardless, it was within 24 hours of me doing my hair and I was on my way to celebrate a friend's birthday.
 Here I am with my princess, rocking a Coco Curls twist out... 
 And yes, I am aware that the beret doesn't match; however, it was a gift that I was trying on. 
Overall, Coco Curls worked well on my twists, which turned into a twist out.  I left my twists in for a week.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my review on Coco Curls.  As always, keep it kinky!

Where to buy: Coco Curls

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purposes of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review.  The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product,  Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Coco Curls and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product and/or the company.


  1. this on my list to try thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow, how ironic that this happens to be the 1st product that I love so far and that was MY BDAY CELEBRATION u were coming to! I remember that hair & outfit! :-)
    This is a sign! I need this stuff in my life! Lol


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