Thursday, December 1, 2011

To Be Or Knot To Be... Natural.

I decided to go for it!  After all, wasn't I born with kinky hair?  Many moons ago, my mother put that first relaxer in my hair, it was a Creme of Nature relaxer.  My sister had one in her hair and I wanted one sooooooooo bad.  So, I convinced my mother to do it once when she was intoxicated.  It worked... but man did I pay the price. I remember to this day - her washing my hair out... literally!  My hair was going down the drain right along with the water.

I remained with a relaxer for many years... up until I decided to get my last one in May 2009.  I got a mini-touch up.  I call it a mini-touch up because I didn't do a full touch up where you make sure all of your roots are nice and neat.  I just did my edges to make sure my micro-braids would look cute in the front of my sewn in.  That was the last time I even smelled a relaxer.  I cut my relaxed hair off (after wearing sewn-in weaves) in November 2009 and I haven't turned back since.

I can't say that I miss having a relaxer as with being natural, it appears to be so much more versatility.  Yes, it was much easier managing my hair in a relaxed state; however, I was sacrificing my health for it.  Do I miss my doobies and being able to up and go, at times?  YES!!  But you know what - I can't and I won't go back!  I've come too far (sounds like I'm about to preach right) to turn back now!  I've encouraged so many others to become natural and I have to continue to set an example that you can and will be beautiful as a NATURAL woman (or man).

So, here I am, almost three years in, learning more (wishing I learned it THEN) and sharing my knowledge with others.  I'm inspired that I inspire others... and I'm proud to be natural... it's just something that is sexier about us! ;-P



  1. I love this article,No I do not miss my perm. I would't go back. Natural and Lovin it! Thanks

  2. I needed to read this. I am only 2 months in and just taking it one day at a time! I don't want to go back!


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