Monday, January 9, 2012

How You Doin'? Naturals...

Awright!!  So, that was said in my Wendy William's voice.  Why?!?  Because I absolutely LOVE her!!

On today's show (1/9/12), Wendy said something to one of her audience members that REALLY made me smile.

A woman and her mother-in-law were on the show and the woman asked Wendy what she should do as her mother-in-law would not put a relaxer in her gorgeous, healthy appearing hair.  She stated that she wanted to get a chemical relaxer to keep her hair straight as she is now working out (we ALL know what happens when we sweat and/or gets our natural hair gets wet).  Wendy replied with: keep it natural as long as you can!  ...Stay natural as long as you can!

Being natural (now) and hearing the message from someone such as her, who touches so many other women's lives... I could only cheese (smile) and have 'aww' moment.  DID YOU HEAR WHAT SHE SAID LADIES... AND GENTS?!?  What a message!!  To those who consider going back to the creamy crack... do as Wendy said and KEEP IT NATURAL AS LONG AS YOU CAN!  Your hair will thank you... trust me! ;-)

And to Wendy  - in my opinion - that was some of the BEST advice given... EVER!!

In case you care to know, here's my history with Wendy... a sure friend in my head...

I've listened to Wendy back when she was on the radio.  She always 'said it like she meant it...' and as of today, she's still saying it like she means it on her live TV show.  I relate so much to Wendy as not only do I also say it like I mean it (which gets me in trouble sometimes - I'm learning though) but I also give good advice (as I've been told).

But anyways, I also had an opportunity to not only be in the audience of her show, but also ON the show (From G's to Gents - six week sneak peek - with Mr. Bentley).  The picture below is of me on that very day... and look at Wendy's pic, we're [almost] posing twins!!
Thanks for reading and as always... keep it kinky!!

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  1. I follow your blog. I go by Trina Buchanan on FaceBook. Owner and Creator of FemPowerment Tees also on Facebook.


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