Friday, January 27, 2012

I Am Knot Going Out With My Hair Looking Like This!!!

We have all heard of the pineapple method right?!?  That's when we gather our twist, braid and/or bantu knot out at the top of our head and hold it together with a scrunchy.  We then resemble a pineapple.  Well I tried this method last week and it was an ultimate fail!  I just HAD to do SOMETHING with my hair but didn't know what...  I could NOT wear it the way it was.  It was either do a wash and go, uh scratch that, it's cold in Jersey. The other option was a puff.  Let's see how I made out... 

Uh uh, do y'all SEE this?

Now what in the world am I going to do with this?  I can't go outside looking a mess!  My twist out is looking like a twist OUCH!

Hmm, all the while I THOUGHT pineappling would work.  Guess not!!   I have to figure SOMETHING out!!

But wait a natural pickin' minute - do y'all REALLY see this?!?

Ok Kinkies, I got this!  No need to worry!!  Nothing some water, a bit if product (or natural oils/butters) won't fix.  Get an over-sized ouchless headband, wrap it around your puff twice (not too tight), smooth your edges and voila - a puff that's presentable!!  

SB - Too bad I don't know how to make a comic strip with photos!  LoL.  I hope you enjoyed this Kinkies!!  :-)

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  1. Sis, you are a hot mess!!! I love it. I'm trying this now. Thanks for sending this to me.

  2. LOL!! This is sooooo me, today after rockin' a sweet twist out from Saturday morning. I didn't slick the edges, but tomorrow I will for work. Keep Up The Good Work :)


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