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Interview With Daphné, She Big Chopped & Loc'd... Twice!

Hi Daphné , thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview.  When you told me that you had big chopped twice, loc'd your hair and then combed it out - I just HAD to know more about you and your journey.  Let's get started... 

For those that don't know you, please introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been natural.  Hi!  My name is Daphné.  I am a wife, mother, sister, and daughter!  I've been completely natural for a little over 9 years.

...and your hair type is?  Oh... I hate the hair type system (insert Kinky's giggle here) but if I must, I am considered 3C with a little 4A.

Who, if anyone, influenced you to go natural?  No one really influenced me to go natural, but I am determined to stay natural for my kids.  I think it is really important, especially for my daughters, to see me natural. I believe that I need to be a role model for them and having my hair natural, just like them, is one way for them to see that.  I agree and totally respect that.

So I know that you big chopped, what made you do it not only once but twice?  Well, the first time I did the big chop, I was in college.  Why do college kids do anything - no reason whatsoever!  What I did not expect was falling in love with the "natural me," but my family did not.  My decision to go natural at that time was considered very taboo.  

The second time I did the big chop was right after I graduated from college.  I wanted to start locing my hair and I decided heck, why not go to the barber and cut my hair off.  Instead, I asked my brother.  He used his clippers and literally shaved my hair off right in the middle of our parent's kitchen!  He must have enjoyed cutting his sister's hair and not getting in any trouble!!   LoL.

Okay, so your hair grew and you went from free flowing tresses to loc'ing your hair.  What's the story behind making that transition?  I always wanted to loc my hair but having locs was not something people in my family approved.  When I decided to loc my hair, I was older, wiser, and just more committed.

I couldn't start my locs myself so I went to a natural hair salon in Massachusetts and the loctition there gave me starting locs.  I have to admit, I hated the way I initially looked with my twists, but I knew that passing the "transition" phase in the loc process was going to be the hardest.  Luckily, I have an adoring husband who lied to me really well and kept telling me I looked great.  The truth is, maybe I looked great but the transition hair looked BAD!  Anyway, I passed the transition phase and kept my locs for seven years!  Some call that transitioning phase the 'ugly' phase... the time you have to get used to your locs, that may appear a bit unkempt.  The outcome; however, appears worth it.  Anyways, kudos to your husband!!  That was too cute!

Then after seven years of being "loc'd" up, you then decided to comb your hair out... why?  How long did it take?  'Til this day, I have NO idea why I initially decided to comb out my locs.  Honestly, I think it started out as a: can I do it? -> to I'm doing it -> to I did it!  It took close to two months for me to complete the process.  I do believe that it would have taken less time, but finding time to sit and comb out the locs was pretty hard.  My husband and I would comb out about two to three locs a day.

I'm assuming that you prefer your hair our since you took the time to comb your locs out.  However, what's your favorite way to rock your natural hair - out or in locs?  Why?  Both are great, but my preference is my locs.  My locs were simply me.

Do you have any advice to give to those who have considered loc'ing their hair, such as myself?  Just do it!  You will always regret not trying something but you will never know what something is like if you don't try it!  

In thinking of a celebrity, who is your hair inspiration idol?  Wow - celebrity hair... I guess I would say YaYa for loose, natural hair.  For loc'd hair, I would say Lisa Bonet.

What's your regimen now versus when you had locs?  Loose hair maintenance - I wash/wet my hair approximately every three days.  I try to deep condition every two weeks, moisturize and seal my ends daily.  Loc maintenance - I washed, conditioned and twisted the roots when necessary but I wasn't worried about split ends or fairy knots.  LoL.  Man, thinking about this makes it seem like my locs were much easier to maintain.  Well, it definitely sounds easier... no knots, no arms being tired from twists, no search and destroying of split ends...

What was your favorite style to wear your locs?  Also, what's your favorite style to wear your hair in its current state?  My favorite style versus the style I wore the most are two different things.  My lazy girl style with both my locs and my loose hair is a bun.  It's a simple, classic look.  My favorite way to wear my locs and my loose hair is out loose.

Thanks so much Daphné, I truly appreciate your time and consideration of doing this interview.  I'm glad that you have shared your story and journey with me and my kinkies.  

See below for pictures Daphné... loc'd and unloc'd...

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  1. I'm still in awe that she actually combed her 7yr old locs out. Wow! Sheer determination. ...Thank you for this article. Quite inspiring! Daphne's hair is gorgeous!


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