Monday, January 2, 2012

K-Y Jelly... Not Just For Sexing!

So when I say I JUST saw a post about this, I literally JUST saw a post about using K-Y as a hair moisturizer.  I ran right over here to talk blog about it!

Now, I know I already talked about using Monistat on hair and I said thought I had seen it all.  Apparently, I was so WRONG.  (If you didn't read that post about the Monistat, click --> My Scalp Has A Yeast Infection) Some people are literally using any and everything for growth and moisturizing their tresses.  My question is why?

Is hair growth THAT important that you want to resort to usage of Monistat?  Is your hair THAT parched that you have to use lubrication?  Hmm, probably better off using mineral oil... at least it seals in moisture.  (Disclaimer: I do NOT support the usage of mineral oil... I was just being a bit sarcastic.  Please, please, please think of what you are putting in our body.  Know that the stuff noted above will seep into your hair shaft and scalp and travel throughout your body.   Are oils, water, butters and other products geared towards hair NOT enough?

Anyways, just ranting for a bit.  To each their own.  As always - keep it kinky!

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  1. I've heard it all,but this is the most shocking to me. I can believe it.


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