Monday, January 30, 2012

Kinky's Konnektion With Urban Vibe, Inc.

Urban Vibe, Inc. 
Owner: Sheeba Chastang of Northland, CA
Product(s) sold: Jewelry and other accessories

Sheeba, what made you design your own jewelry and accessories line?  I have always loved to be creative, making things like beaded jewelry, candles, hand/body oils, lip balms and so much more.  I would always crochet different things, like hats, from time to time but that was really about it.  Then one day I crocheted a hat and I love it so much that I wanted to try to make some earrings to go with them.  The more earrings I made, the more I loved them.  I would sit around for hours at a time and create items and when I looked up, I had so many different items!  I was like 'oh my God, I should share this with the world' because I know its many women in the world that likes having their own style, their own way.

Please name all of the items you currently sale.  Currently I sale crocheted items (jewelry, hair flowers, wallets/makeup bags, headbands, necklaces, scarves, hats, tank tops, pull-over tops, hair clips, and bangles), fabric items (earrings with crochet bows, hair bows and button earrings), lip balm, hand balm, lotion and beaded earrings.

What is it that you want women to feel as they are wearing your pieces?  I want women to feel that they should always feel at their best, no matter what.  If they don't then sometimes the smallest things can make us feel better.  Mainly with being natural, we love to have accessories that help make our hair style stand out even more.  So I just want all women to know and feel that we are pretty, sassy, sexy and loving women.  A lot of times we are always so busy that we don't put ourselves first.  With my jewelry and accessories, we always will.

I feel you on that Sheeba.  How long have you made jewelry and accessories?  I have been making jewelry and accessories for seven years.

What inspires you to create your jewelry and accessories?  Me and my everyday life inspires me to create.  I love colors and I love to be different from others.  I sit down and I see what happens.  I could be making one item and come up with something else.

What's your favorite piece to design/make and why?  I don't think I have just one piece that's my favorite because when I create something, I think to myself 'oh my God, I love this,' then I create something else and fall in love all over again.  So, I love them all.

Since you make your own jewelry and accessories, do you buy from other lines that also make jewelry and accessories?  Yes.  I love to buy other jewelry and accessories but they really have to be something I don't make myself.

Do you have plans to branch out and make more items than what you already sell?  Yes I plan on branching out to make more items than I make now, like candles, lotions, body oils, lip balm, body glam and much more.

Where can people purchase your items?  For now, I'm on Etsy.  You can purchase at Urban Vibe, Inc.

Below are two pairs of crocheted earrings from Urban Vibe, Inc., one of which I will be giving away on my blog in February 2012.  Stay tuned!

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