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Product Review - Reve' Essentials

I was happy to have been given the opportunity to do a product review on a new product line called Reve' Essentials.  Rebecca and Eve's products are reasonably priced and smell great.  One of the great things about this line is that you are able to pick the scent of the products that you order.  I was sent their hair/body moisturizer, hair pomade, and hair/body butter in the birthday cake scent.  When I opened the product, my daughter agreed that it truly smelled like birthday cake frosting.  I think she was disappointed that she could not eat it.
What's In Reve' Essentials products?  
Pomade: raw unrefined shea butter, soy wax, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and fragrance.
Hair/Body butter: raw unrefined shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil, and fragrance.
Hair/body moisturizer: water (infused with horsetail, slippery elm and marshmallow root extracts), aloe vera juice, BTMS, cetyl alcohol, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, optiphen (preservative) and fragrance.

What's your first impression of the Reve' products Kinky?
I like the products better on wet hair than dry hair.  On a daily basis, I would apply first the moisturizer then the butter.  Once I had to use the pomade as I left the butter in the car (and didn't feel like going back in the cold to get it).  I used the pomade mainly on my scalp as a natural hair grease as I do have dry scalp at times, and to help smooth my edges for a partial fro-hawk do (see pictures below).  Generally, with most water-based products, that should be enough to dampen the hair and then you're able to seal it in with an oil, or in this case, a butter.  I used this method and  as a result, my twist outs were not as defined as (1) I wanted them to be  and (2) as they were when I did them on wet hair.  I later realized that I should have wet my hair (not soaking but damp) and then applied the moisturizer and butter.  If a product is water based, it should be able to moisturize hair just a bit; however, this did not.  I think that my results would have been a better, more defined look.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the big, full look I achieved; however, I am at a point where I prefer definition over body.  As I liked the products and have a bit of the butter and pomade left, I would definitely use the products again and I may post an update here.  

The moisturizer is soft and creamy and feels so smooth on your hands.  It seemed to melt in my hands and into my wet hair.  As for the butter, it reminds me of actual cake frosting, or a thick pancake batter texture.  The pomade, on the other hand, is more solid and thicker than the butter.  Here is a side-by-side picture of the latter two:
The following pictures were taken over the week that I used the products...

I accidentally deleted the picture of my hair the morning after first applying all of the products on wet hair.  However, I would like to add that I was loving the results that next morning.  I loved how my edges were laid down.  I left the twists in for a few days.  The second picture below is from when I started to take them out. 
Below are two pictures of the actual twist out after leaving them in for 2-3 days.

This is after retwisting using the moisturizer and butter on dry hair.  
I used enough of the moisturizer to dampen the hair somewhat.  
Again, I recommend wetting your hair with water before using the products, if looking to achieve definition.  
 I still have some definition after doing the chunky twists...
 And here I am with somewhat untwisted chunky twists.  I am preparing for a funky hair style...
 Trying to rock it out.  I was pleased to have gotten compliments on this style.
 A side view (and close up).  I used the moisturizer and butter to achieve this look.
So, overall Reve' Essentia was okay.  I am definitely going to use the remaining product that I have; however, I am not sure if I would repurchase all of the products again.  I am thankful to also be having a giveaway of the above products, plus a sulfate-free shampoo.  This giveaway will start on 1/22/12 and end on 1/28/12.

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Where to buy: Reve' Essentials

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review.  The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product.  Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Reve' Essentials and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.


  1. This a product I wanted to check out as well I will probably try with dry and wet hair as well thanks for the review :)

  2. Thank you so much for completing the review...We are glad you enjoyed the products!!

  3. I am following your blog-FB name Tiffany Brown, thanks!

  4. i have been seeing this products and was considering ordering something from them your review helped alot!! thanks!!!!

  5. Thanks for the review. I've seen this product mentioned so many times and was glad to see some before and after photos shared and but just after. Thanks!


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