Sunday, January 15, 2012

That's Knot A Good Bobby Pin To Use!

Snag!  Yup, that's what some bobby pins do to your hair.  Just because you have them laying around, doesn't mean you need to use them.  I do a search and 'throw out' of my bobby pins when I am either using them to create a hairstyle, when I see them laying around somewhere in the house and/or when I'm going through my stash of products and tools.

Well I don't know which ones to throw away Kinky!  Have no fear, Kinky is here!! (cue superhero music while Kinky stands with her hands on her hips, cape blowing in the wind). Hehehe.
I'm going to label 'A' as a silent offender.  Some Kinkies may think that it is okay to use silent offenders but trust me, if you have ANY bobby pins with one or more of the ball tips missing, I suggest you throw them out!!  Not only can using these contribute to you getting split or frayed ends, it can also cause you to scratch and possibly damage your scalp, depending on how you're putting them in your hair.  These pins are silent but deadly!

'B' is alright with me!!  'B' has both ball tips and is smooth all the way around.  'B' has no ridges when you slide your finger along the coating that keeps the ball tips in place.  These are the bobby pins that you SHOULD keep.  Sporadically, you should inspect them after multiple uses, to ensure they are still smooth all around and not turning into a silent offender or 'C' bobby pin.  I have found that even new bobby pins, namely some of the ones from the dollar store/Dollar Tree, can be brand 'new' yet need to be thrown out as they are not of good quality and/or have those ridged surfaces I mentioned before.

The 'C' bobby pin is the blatant offender.  If you use these in your hair then you are asking for trouble in the split and snagged ends area.  Depending on how you put the bobby pin in your hair, you also run the risk of snagging other parts of your hair.  I have personally run into this and I had to carefully and strategically remove them from my hair.  No, I didn't purposely use a damaged bobby pin - either I did not know it was snagged when I put it in (lack of inspection) or somehow, some way, it became snagged while in my hair.  Nonetheless, I ensured that once removed it made it's way to the garbage, where it served it's life sentence.

Well, I hope this helps some Kinkies.  As with some of the hair products we use, we also need to be careful when using some styling tools.  Thanks for reading and be sure to check me out on Facebook, Kinky Kinetik.  As always, Keep It Kinky!!


  1. LOL! Never inspected my bobby pins. Will def have to do so after reading this. Its funny how the little things we do for out kinks and curls can greatly affect the state of our hair!!

    1. I never really inspected them until they started to turn into A and C. I was like okay, this isn't right and after a while, I was like I have to let others know! Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm glad so many come in a pack b/c I'm forever tossing them out once they start looking like any of the above!!

  3. Loved this article. Thanks for the info.


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