Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Ain't NATURAL!!

So, there's continued talk among the natural community on what being 'natural' is defined as.  In the past week, I think I have read at least a dozen posts about what is or isn't 'natural.'

While perusing the web and looking for other's definition of natural, I found the following definition by "Unique": your unaltered God given hair as it grows through the epidermis from follicles deep within the dermis.  Not chemically altered, colored, curled or straightened by relaxers, texturizers or other chemical agents and is also free of any and all extensions.

Well Kinky, what are your thoughts?  For the sake of the blog and my fan page, I will be somewhat politically correct.  Based on the definition above, as well as the thoughts of others that I have encountered, you're not natural if:

~you color your hair,
~you wear weaves, wigs and/or extensions,
~you were adopted,
~you don't eat organic,
~you use sulfates, parabens, 'cones, etc.,
~you don't use 'all natural' products,
~you don't remember the date you started to transition and/or did your big chop,
~you're not of African American descent,
~you straighten your hair with a hot comb and/or straightening iron,
~you wear polka dots on Friday,
~you transitioned instead of doing a big chop, and/or
~you don't wear your hair in an afro.

Goodness.  Did I miss anything?

Well how do YOU define 'natural' Kinky?  I feel that you are natural if you do not get a perm, relaxer and/or texturizer... or use any other 'chemicals' to alter your hair texture.  Now, there are some that say that coloring your hair not only changes the color but the texture too.  However, I did not experience this when I colored my hair, and I used henna, box color and a mixture from a stylist/colorist before (not at the same time of course).

I think it is fine to wear weaves, extensions and/or wigs.  However, you may just need to use caution if/when you do.  The usage of weaves, extensions and/or wigs can help when doing protective styles.

I do prefer to use all natural products on my hair, just for overall health reasons.  So no, I don't use parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum/petroleum, silicones, etc.  If you do and that's what makes you and your hair happy - then so be it.  I guess I would rather that than you use a relaxer.  Just please do your research on what you do use [on your hair].

Some of the other statements above were added for comic relief and to show how big of a deal some are making out of what natural is or "ain't."  Opinions are like hair follicles, everyone has SOME!  LoL.

But on a serious tip (old school right), if you don't have a relaxer, perm or texturizer, regardless of whether you choose to, or not to, do the above things, then I, Kinky Kinetik, still consider you natural...  What you do, feel, know, think and/or believe makes you happy, beautiful and confident being a natural, then so be it!  Whatever YOUR definition of natural is is what YOU will have to live with and accept.  What I, or anyone else says possibly does, but shouldn't really, matter when it comes to what you define as 'natural.'

As always, keep it kinky!

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  1. Happy New Year!

    From a Natural Hairstylist's standpoint, if your hair TEXTURE is that of which is grown out of your scalp then you are natural. If you prefer to get your hair straightened to the point it has altered your texture then you would be considered thermally processed or, dare I say it, a heat damaged natural. Coloring primarily only changes your color and there are many ways to naturally color. Even if chemically colored, it shouldn't alter your texture if done correctly. Many of us promote some sort of extensions to ease the pain of transitioning as well as protective styling. This does not make you less natural... just means you are not wearing your natural hair at the time.

  2. Happy New Year Ayana.

    I totally agree with your response. There's so much talk about "you ain't natural because of x, y, and z." People seem to find any and every reason to create separation and attempt to force their opinions on someone.


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