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Interview With Jai, She Prefers a TWA And Won't Have It Any Other Way!

I have interviewed a big chopper, a loc'er and a sister locker and now it's time to show love to those that faithfully rock their TWA (teenie, weenie afro).  Jai, thanks so much for taking the time out to do this interview.  I want to hear all about how and why you ONLY rock a TWA.  Let's get started...

For those those that don't know you, please introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been natural.   Hi.  My name is Janine but I like to be called Jai (pronounce Jeye).  I am a single mother of three young adults, grandmother of one and 1/2 grandchildren - due in July. :-)  (aww, congrats)  I have worked in Radiology Imaging for 21 years and currently employed as a MRI Technologist in St. Louis, MO.  I was originally natural for eight years, but it was a black or platinum blonde fade.

What is your hair type?  I have a mixture of Type 4B/C.

Who, if anyone, influence you to go (and/or stay) natural?  I decided to go natural due to the information I researched after having to take a steroid for a kidney problem.  From prior history of skin sensitivity when on a steroid, I decided to forgo a scheduled perm.  Well, I ended up staying on the medicine longer than I expected and experienced very weak permed ends.  I decided to BC it myself.  I did follow up at a barber shop for shaping.  

Was that the first time ever that you BC'ed?  I have done many BC's because I used to rock a fade for nine years.  However, I did the last BC August 27, 2010.

So you love to wear your hair in a TWA, why?  Why not allow your hair to grow longer?  I love my TWA because I feel my facial features are accentuated more with less hair.  I also feel that I can maintain a TWA better at this length.  I have to agree Jai, you are a beautiful woman!!

What is your favorite way to rock your TWA?  My favorite style and staple style is my bantu knot twist-outs.  I use my fingers and section off my hair with fingers only and using KCCC.  I two strand twist and bantu knot my entire head.  The smaller the sections, the tighter the finished look.  

I spray with an oil mixture concoction of castor oil, EVOO, peppermint, distilled water and KC LIC.  I tie down the bantu knots with a a silk scarf and place a bonnet over that to help absorb any excess oils from getting on my pillow.

Besides what you already mentioned, what's another part of your regimen?  My hair doesn't like to be washed more than once a week so I cowash when my hair has oil buildup.  For prepoo, I mix one egg yolk, 3 tbs of EVOO, one tbs of honey and turmeric (supposed to stimulate growth) and apply it to my hair and cover with a plastic cap.  I usually cover the cap with a head wrap and keep it in for an hour.  I love Garnier Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner.  I deep condition with Blue Magic Cholesterol Condition and Blue Magic Argan Herbal and I do a hydrating LIC once a month.  

At night, I do a three minute scalp massage using castor oil and spritz my hair with the oil and water concoction I previously mentioned.  My protective styling is usually wigs so that I can do this nightly treat.  Wow Jai, I think I may have to try that daily three minute massage.  I do it sporadically but since I am doing some form of maintenance and tying up my hair every night anyways, I might as well incorporate that massage with it.

Do you have to deal with an abundance of fairy knots and/or tangles while wearing your TWA?  If so, how do you manage them?  My fairy knots were more present before I starting trimming my ends to keep my desired length - accidental solution!   LoL.  I do not use heat or combs in my hair. I think keeping my hair moisturized helps with the remaining fairly knots.  

Understood.  So in thinking of a celebrity, who is your hair inspiration idol?  I didn't really have one until people started saying that I look like Wanda Sykes.  After looking up to her, I began to love her hair - the thickness and how she keeps it out of her face.  I can see how people see Wanda Sykes when they look at you... especially rocking the same type of style.

Although you love to rock your TWA, would you ever consider growing your hair out?  I think I would like to see my hair longer eventually, but I feel so comfortable with my TWA maintenance time.  Longer hair would be more time.  I have to agree with you on that one Jai!!

We all love accessories, at least I think we all do, what's your favorite accessory that you feel compliments your TWA?  I love earrings (all sizes and styles) and feel they are the "icing" to my TWA.

Well thank you so much Jai.  I really enjoyed getting to know you!  Thank you for taking the time out to get to know a little.  I hope my story helps someone accept their TWA stage or choice.  I'm sure that someone will Jai.

Here are some pictures of Jai as throwbacks (the first two), when she BC'ed, and more current ones...

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  1. I Loveeeeeee the pictures Queen :) & Beautiful interview :)

  2. Hi Jai!What a nice article and a beautiful person.Hair and make up is always flawless!


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