Friday, February 24, 2012

Mailman + Packages = Me Being Excited!! (Thank YOU Sponsors)

Getting a package in the mail for something that you ordered is one thing but getting packages in the mail for product reviews is GREAT!!  Why is it so great Kinky?  I feel that it is absolutely great as there are owners of fashion, jewelry, natural hair product, and bath/body companies that not only like the reviews that I have posted thus far but also trust ME to do their reviews for them!  (aww, they believe in me!)

I pride myself on giving honest feedback of products and using pictures to 'back up' what I say.  I am a 'say it like you mean it' kind of kinky!  Do I just write a great review because it smelled good, was nicely packaged, has a cute name, and/or was free?!?  Nope!  Have I turned down reviews of some products, especially if they weren't mostly, if not 100% natural?  Yup!  

For me to review a (hair, bath/body) product, I have to have an interest in some, if not all, of the ingredients and feel that it will be a great product to review.  I love the fact that I get to share something with my kinkies that are seeking a great product to use, want to try something new, and/or is just a PJ.  (LoL).  The same goes for the jewelry, fashion, literature and bath/body reviews that I have done and will be doing in the future. 

I like to shed light on great companies with great products.  Not only is it exciting to get packages in the mail for review, it's also a compliment!!  Thank you (to my sponsors) for the goodies that you send me and thank you for trusting me with doing a review for your company!

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~Keep it Kinky~

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