Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh No She Didn't!!!

There I was, conversing at work, minding my own business, when all of a sudden a hand reached out and touched... MY HAIR!!  

In my Money Mike's voice: Hold up!  Wait a minute!  No one said put your fingers in it!  (I just made that up, copyright papers just signed). But on a real, back to the serious matter at hand (no pun intended... I think).

What in the hell makes people think that they can just go up and touch someone's hair?!?  First of all, you're invading my personal space.  Second of all, where have your hands been?  Third of all, who the hell do you think you are and what do you think I am?!?  Fourth, fifth, sixth and up to tenth of all, did you even get permission to take it there (to my hair)?

I've heard stories about people going up to others and touching their hair; however, I never really experienced for myself.  There I was, looking all cute with my twist out and stuff, when all of a sudden 'Relax R. Chick'  (I'm copyrighting this too) came up and touched my hair.  She proceeded to tell me how soft and cute it looked.  She said that I look like a doll and she wanted to take me and my hair home to play with it.  THEN, she asked me how I did my hair.  My work BFF Isis thought it was funny.  I beg to differ!  Another lady told her that she shouldn't be touching my hair but did that stop her?!?  NOPE!!

With all my might I calmed myself down, tried to come out of my shock induced coma, and not back hand the ish out of her.  After all, I DID want (and need) to keep my job!  Just know that next time, if there IS an attempt for a next time, it won't be pretty!

To all those that crave the feel of other people's hair and/or are curious about the 'feel of it,' please DO NOT just think you can reach out and touch, somebody's hair (did you sing while you read that?!?  I sung while I typed it).

Just remember - you touch, you die, I mean cry!

PS - here's a picture of my hair... I know you would want to touch it too!  LoL.
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  1. Girl, you are tooo funny. Actually if I am asked before they stick their hands out and I've been watching the entire time, I'm good with it!!

    1. I wouldn't mind as much if they actually asked first!

  2. I HATE people touching my daughter's hair. They risk pulling away a bloody stump! People have no idea the work that has gone into the hair or how long we want it to last! Walk a mile in our shoes...would you touch it!! Sorry-I'm touchy about this one.

    1. It's worst when they don't ask to touch it. Some people have no self-control.


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