Monday, February 20, 2012

Product Review - Naturél Lyfe Essentials

Hey Kinkies.  So far, you have seen a lot of product reviews on hair products and even a book.  Now, I shift focus, just for a bit, to natural body products.

I had the opportunity to get some Honey Ginger body butter from the Sugas Honey Body Butter line, which is made by Naturél Lyfe Essentials.
What's In Naturél Lyfe Essentials Products?
Honey Ginger: 100% natural raw unrefined African shea butter, organic cocoa butter, jojoba oil, honey ginger fragrance oil, and safflower oil.

What's your first impression of  Naturél Lyfe Essentials Kinky?  I like the consistency of the butter.  It is whipped and very light.  It easily melts into your hands, which I love.  You can really smell the honey; however, it is not overbearing and doesn't last long.

The butter helps to seal in moisture and provides a bit of shine to your skin.  I suggest using it right after bathing, when your skin is still moist, for optimal results.  See my results below...

The left has no butter butter, the right does.  
 The top picture is my lower leg before applying the body butter. 
The bottom picture is the same leg after applying the body butter.
As you can see, the results were pretty good.  My already smooth skin felt even smoother after use.  Given the smell of it, I'm interested in trying some of the other scents for this line.  Although made for the body, I definitely would try this on my hair as it has some great ingredients in it.

Naturél Lyfe Essentials also sells whipped unrefined shea butter.  I had the liberty to also get a few samples of this line.  I was sent the following scents (named in order of my scent preference): Coconut Lime Verbana, Coconut Mango, and Brown Sugar.  These are a thicker consistency, than the product reviewed above, and provide similar results.  

Stay tuned as I will be having a giveaway of a few items from Naturél Lyfe Essentials in March.  I will also have a one-time use coupon code available for blog followers that will be effective as of March 1st.

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Where to buy: Naturél Lyfe Essentials.  See something you like over at Naturél Lyfe Essentials?  Use coupon code KINETIK10 for 10% off, not applicable to bulk products or sale products, one time use per person.

~Keep it Kinky~ 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Naturél Lyfe Essentials and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.


  1. I really love Naturel Lyfe products! Thanks for the review.

    1. Lawanda, I am starting a giveaway tomorrow for her products!


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