Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product Review - Njoi CreationS

Hey Kinkies.  I'm back with yet another product review.  This time, I'm reviewing a few products from Njoi CreationS.

What's In Njoi ' Products?
ACV Shampoo Bar: Vegetable glycerin soap infused with organic ACV, aloe vera, olive oil, honey, and vitamin E.
Conditioning Herbal Hair Rinse Tea Bag: Organic nettles, colts foot, horsetail, cassia henna, sage, organic lavender, organic calendula, chamomile flowers, hibiscus, blue malva, spearmint, peppermint, ground organic burdock root and marshmallow root powder.
Coconut Chai Hair Nectar: Organic coconut oil and avocado oil solar infused with chai spices (fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, cardamon, star anise) along with organic bourbon vanilla beans and agave nectar.
Ayurvedic Hair Oil: A blend of coconut, jojoba, and vitamin E oil infused with neem, amla, brahmi, lavender, tea tree and pepperment essential oils.

What's your first impression of Njoi CreationS Kinky?  I loved the ACV shampoo bar.  I used that on both me and my daughter's hair.  Our hair was not squeaky clean or overly dry.  The tea rinse felt good, although it was a bit messy doing it on my head by myself.  Half of it went on the floor and the other half went in the bowl.  I wanted to use the remaining part to spritz my hair during the week; however, it did not quite work out that way.  I twisted my wet hair but applying the oil and then sealing it with the nectar.  The smell of the oil reminded me of a spruce tree and the nectar smells exactly like the ingredients.  It was a spicy, gingery smell.
The two pictures below are of my hair while using the ACV shampoo bar.  
The following picture is my scalp after rinsing the shampoo out.

On the left is the tea.... it looked and smelled yummy!  The right is my hair after the tea rinse.

My chunky twists, using the Ayurvedic oil and sealing the the Coconut Chai Hair Nectar...
Lastly, my twist out... 

Generally, I do my product reviews after about a week or so of using a product.  Unfortunately, after twisting that one time, there was not any Coconut Chai Hair Nectar left for me to use more than once and give a more detailed and accurate review of it.  With regards to the remaining oil that I had, I used the rest of the oil to take the twists down for my twist out.  I also applied it to me and my daughter's scalp for a scalp massage.  I do like the ACV shampoo bar and have a bit of it left so I will definitely be using it to shampoo my hair and prepare for my next review.

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 ~Keep it Kinky~ 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Nappturalistic Beauty and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.

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