Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Review - One Hairstyle, Thirty-one Ways: Extending the Life of Your Two-strand Twists

Hey kinkies.  I am back with another review; however, this time it is for a natural hair e-book titled "One Hairstyle, Thirty-one Ways: Extending the Life of Your Two-strand Twists."  The book was written by Naturally Twisted.
Naturally Twisted wrote One Hairstyle, Thirty-one Ways: Extending the Life of Your Two-strand Twists as like other naturals, she had gotten bored with her hair and was tired of the maintenance.  She wanted to create a long-lasting style to prevent herself from going back to getting a relaxer or taking a step towards the hassle of extensions.   She decided to put two-strand twists in her hair as they are not only long-lasting  but they are also versatile.  Naturally Twisted came up with a few ways, thirty-one to be exact, to style your two-strand twists.  She decided to share her styles with the world!

What's your first impression of "One Hairstyle, Thirty-one Ways: Extending the Life of Your Two-strand Twists" Kinky?  I actually liked the book.  I know a lot of people rely on YouTube or other videos for style tutorials; however, in talking with the Kinkies on my Facebook page, some prefer reading instead of watching a video.  I am like that as times as well.  This is most convenient when you are on the go or just in a mood to actually read.  I was able to enjoy this e-book on my iPod Touch (it is better to see the pictures when in landscape).

There are step-by-step instructions, along with lots of photos, to help walk you through the styling of your two-strand twists.  At the start of each style, Naturally Twisted lets you know of all the hair tools you will need to recreate that particular style  In the beginning of the book, she also tells of the tools you would need and how to maintain your two-strand twists.  One thing that I would also like to mention is the fact that she showed variations of some styles.  With the styles, you can either dress them up with accessories, wear them as is and/or tweak them to fit your own personal style.  The styles can be worn for various occasions and can be done on locs as well.  You do not have to have your hair twisted to do these styles!

Once I finished reading the book, I definitely had some 'take-aways' and favorite styles.  My three favorite styles are the "Half Moon, "Whadyasay," and "Infinity."  An honorable mention is "Date Night."

The one thing that I would change, rather give feedback on, is having all of the pictures up top, followed by the instructions.  I would prefer that each step be followed by a picture showing how to do that particular step, or vice versa where you see the picture and the step follows.  I think that would be easier when trying to do the styles.  When you download the e-book, I also like that I was given the option of which format I wanted to download it as.  This is great as some e-readers only allow certain format for use.

I decided to try out a few styles on my daughter's hair (she did not have mini-twists)... here are the results...

 "Half Moon"

Well, that's my take on the book Kinkies.  I think one day I will put some mini-twists in me and my daughter's hair so that we can try more of the styles.  Feel free to also check me out on Facebook, Kinky Kinetik

Where to buy: Naturally Twisted Hairstyles

Disclaimer: I purchased this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Naturally Twisted and/or One Hairstyle, Thirty-one Ways: Extending the Life of Your Two-strand Twist and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.

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