Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interview With Ashlea, It's Brave That She's Shaved!

So, I love interacting with Kinkies.  Whether they are loc'd, rocking a TWA or just started on their natural journey.  Next up is Ashlea, she rocks a low cut only and I couldn't wait to talk to her about it.  Let's get started...

For those that don't know you, please introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been natural.  Hello.  My name is Ashlea Perkins and I've been natural for exactly one year.

Who, if anyone, influenced you to go/stay natural?  It's something that I've always wanted to do, but was too afraid...  After seeing how cute Chrisette  Michelle looked with her natural hair, I knew I had to do it.

If you were not previously natural, did you transition to natural or did you do a big chop? Yes, I did the Big Chop.

So you love to wear your hair shaved, why?  Why not allow your hair to grow longer?  It's super sexy and it exudes confidence and dealing with long, natural hair can be a task and I'm not ready for that.  Well, I can understand that Ashlea.  It definitely is work!  I love your color by the way... it fits you nicely.

So, have you gotten any negative feedback as a result of wearing your hair shaved off?  My mom hated it in the beginning (LoL) but other than that, no.

What's your regimen?  Don't have one...

In thinking of a celebrity, who is your hair inspiration idol?  Like I said before, Chrisette Michelle gave me that extra push.

Although you love to rock your fade, would you ever consider growing your hair out? Mmmmmm no!

What's your favorite accessory that you feel compliments your low cut fade?  I'm addicted to bold earrings, they're my signature!  :)

Thank you very much Ashlea.  It was great getting to know you.  I secretly want a low cut; however, not sure how I would like it so for now, it's still a contemplation.  As for Chrisette Michelle, her cut definitely encouraged me to think about it too.  Unlike you, I'm still living with a short cut in my fantasy world whereas you are rocking it... and doing it fiercely!

Below is a picture Ashlea sent me in February 2012.
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  1. Good article, I hope one day to big chop and keep my hair short!


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