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Product Review - Strawllers

Hey Kinkies!  I'm here with yet another product review.  This review is of Strawllers.

Strawllers are curlers that come in different sizes, according to the curly look that you want.  I read somewhere that using them may decrease drying time; however, I can't fully comment on this at this time.  At the time that I used them, I did not have access to a hair dryer so my daughter's hair was air dried.  I started the review on my daughter's cleansed and detangled hair.   

What's Strawllers made of?
Uh, plastic with holes in it.  LoL.

What's your first impression of Strawllers Kinky?  When I was relaxed, the part that I hated most was sitting under the dryer with those fat rollers.  The result: big, body-full curls.  With Strawllers, you get long curlers that give you totally cute spiral curls and coils as a result.  Given the length of them, I do see how you can lessen the amount of time spent under the dryer, as you are not wrapping all of your hair on top of each other, but rather on the curler's long body.  To give the curls a bit more hold, I would say that you may need to use a holding spray, or a spritz-like spray.  That should help the curls to last longer.  While Strawllers has their own shampoo, conditioner, and foam wrap and set lotion, I think something heavier is needed if you're looking for a freeze-curled look.  To secure the hair onto the curler, you can use long bobby pins or clips.

I did three 'takes' of using the Strawllers on my daughter's hair...

Take one: all around curls!
  So, some of her curlers came out... no worries though, I got this!
 She still had beautiful coils.
 OK Mommy, we have to improvise!
Pulled to the side, making it work.
  Take two: curly pigtail
Bouncy spirals...
 Laid down edges... (using Coil Jam).
 Take three: a bun and curls - a cute combination for THIS girl!
 Shrinkage exists, but so does popping curls... they bounced right back!
Of note, I did separate some of the curls.
 She's loving her wild curls! 
I really like the Strawllers and totally want to do my own hair when I find MORE time.  Unfortunately, my daughter's curlers came out while sleeping, getting dressed, and being a kid.  This is NO FAULT of Strawllers and should not count against them.  Although I try to stay away from heat, using a dryer may yield better results.  My daughter likes the curls she gets from these, so I know I will have to do it more on her hair.  Her hair dries within a few hours (or overnight) and so this will definitely be my go to set of styling tools for special occasions.  I want to do a style for Mother's Day for the both of us.  We'll see how that turns out...  If I do it, I will post on FB/Twitter, as well as here.  Oh, there were times when I applied the curler and then took it out to redo or reposition it.  When I did this, it created a cute coil on wet hair within a  matter of a minute!  This goes to show that it's a great tool that will result in your hair having cute curls.  I look forward to using them more and styling OUR hair with them!

Where to buy: Strawllers

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Strawllers and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.

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Product Review - Knot Genie

Hey Kinkies!!!  The absolute worst part of cleansing your hair, to me at least, is the detangling portion.  Now, we all HAVE to detangle our hair.  No ifs, ands or butts about it.  In order for me to have a successful, and less time consuming, detangling session, I need two things: a detangling product and a detangling tool.  

Along with my fingers, I find that I have to use a tool, especially when my hair webs or my twist out decided to rebel.  The same goes for my daughter's hair.  I have tried (and reviewed) different combs to detangle our hair and most recently I've used a detangling brush called the Knot Genie.

What's the Knot Genie made of?
Uh, plastic.

What's your first impression of the Knot Genie Kinky?  It does take some quick getting used to, for me at least, as I am not used to using a palm-sized, cloud-shaped brush to detangle our hair.  As you detangle, you will find a way to hold it that is both comfortable to you as well as effectively doing it's purpose (detangling).  Now, the Knot Genie reminds me of another handheld detangling brush that I'm sure we've seen or heard of at least once.  I read that brushes such as these can rip your hair out; however, given the amount of hair after my detangling session, I don't see where extra hair was 'ripped out' beyond what my normal detangling session is.  I will say that you should definitely use some product on your hair whenever you are detangling, no matter what tool you use.  It not only helps the tools slide through your hair much easier, it also aids in conditioning your hair.

The Knot Genie helped to define curls, give me a bit of length, and was a big help with detangling our hair.

Here's a few pictures of the product and us using it...

Wait, before I get to the other pictures, I wanted to show you the side of the box.  
How cute is it that they made the UPC barcode into a Knot Genie?  Totally creative!
 I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture but every other row is a different size set of teeth.
 Ok, you can see it better here.  The teeth have a pattern of long, short, long, and so forth.
 In this picture, the left side is NOT yet detangled...  Can you see the difference?
 It totally helps for defining curls.  A must use when it's wash and go season!
 I couldn't stop 'brushing' my daughter's hair.  Here's her waves...
 Here's a side by side of my hair.  The picture on the left shows hair that was not yet detangled.  
As you can see in the picture on the right, I am in the process of detangling.  The Knot Genie worked through our hair without the feeling of our hair being ripped from the scalp.
So, in conjunction with my fingers and/or the other detangler I previously reviewed, I will definitely use this as part of my shampoo and detangle regimen.  For our hair to have not been previously finger detangled, not previously sectioned, and was just worn in 'out' styles that allowed for our hair to intertwine, the Knot Genie worked wonders!   The teeth weren't hard or scratchy against our scalp, and they bent as they detangled.  In addition, my daughter didn't complain of me hurting her hair while I detangled.  When it came to spots that really needed extra attention, I simply applied a bit more product, held part of the hair with one hand and used the Knot Genie in the other hand.  After each small section is detangled, do consider twisting that section and then proceed to detangle another section of your hair.  As for the Knot Genie... I absolutely love it!! 

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Knot Genie and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.

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NJ National Hair Care Expo

Hey Kinkies!!!  I have been anticipating the NJ NHCE for months.  Although I wasn't feeling 100% like myself, I made myself go out to this event.  After all, I had workshops to attend, networking to do, Kinkies to meet, and perhaps a few things to buy!

I had mixed feelings about the event in general.  Overall, I enjoyed myself as I felt that it was my duty to ensure that I do so.  The weather sucked outside; however, it was amazing energy inside!!  I talked to a bunch of people and built, what I hope will be, lasting relationships!

Okay, so we like our dessert before dinner right?  Ok... let's talk about the good.  There were soooooo many accessory vendors there that you could have racked UP!!  If anyone knows me, they should know that I LOVE me some accessories!  I did not shop too much though, some prices were totally not worth it.  In addition to the vendors, there were a few classes that you could also attend.  Based on the schedules provided, I attended the classes that seemed more beneficial and of interest.  Not only did I takeaway knowledge for myself, but I have some takeaways to also share with my Kinkies!  

The first session that I attended was No More Eczema.  As people of African American descent, some of us may suffer from allergies as well as eczema.  Although the intended speaker was not present, Malaika-Tamu Cooper stepped in and gave an abundant amount of information to us.  She talked about what we can do to prevent certain blood disorders, how we can treat and possibly cure ourselves from eczema, and how one can tell of the medical issues that another may have, just by looking at them.  She and I also had a personal interaction and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will never forget it!!

The next session I attended was Caring For Your Natural Hair.  Oraje was the speaker (pictures of him are below).  Oraje's spirit and personality blew me away.  Not only is this chemist (and stylist) VERY informative, but he's very personable!  He talked about his own product line as well as pH, caring for color treated hair, the need for a filter when shampooing hair, and much, much more.  It was the place to be!!  If  I didn't take anything else away, I took away this: stay away from those dollar store shampoos!!  #message!

The final session I attended was called Happy Healthy New You.  A gentleman by the name of Consir led this session and talked about when, how, what we eat affects our body and well-being.  Although I knew some of what he talked about, I did gain further knowledge and his message allowed me to put more things into perspective.  I definitely have to look more into what he teaches.

Due to socializing, I was not able to attend the Chemical Suicide session as intended.  In addition, due to my need to leave the event earlier than planned, I was not able to attend the session called Jewelry Making

The in between...  There appeared to be more vendors of clothing and accessories than hair products.    While I do love accessories, I think it would have been more appropriate and beneficial to have more vendors of hair products.  I'm not sure if the sellers of 'natural' hair products were either busy, didn't want to pay the vending fee, or what, but they should have come.  I was happy to see Pooka Pure and Simple there, who I previously did a review for, as well as ShidaNaturals, and Design Essentials (I so want to try products from the latter two).  On the flip side, it was accessories galore there!  Jewel Afrika Designs, Toni Daley, Sarenzo Beads and Loc Soc were there.  I'm so mad at myself as I wanted to get something from Toni Daley (remember I did a giveaway for her) and I didn't get a chance to.  I have my daughter to blame for that one!  ;-)  

The bad... This is something personal and I guess I need to get over it but uh, I paid $25 plus, web processing fees, to attend this event.  A few weeks before the event, the price dropped to $15.  Now, I was told that since I paid $25, I would get a VIP bag.  That, unfortunately, was not the case.  I met a lady there, who paid nothing, and attended all of the classes.  I saw some people checked for wrist bands, while others weren't.  Talk about getting over on the 'system.'  So, I've decided to never again purchase a ticket for an event until the week of, or before, the event.  I feel as though I lost out on my $10 (which I could have used to buy something).  I was thankful that parking was only $5 and not the $40 the sign noted to be.  I know I put it above, but I will mention it again: there should have been more hair products there.  Other than that, I can't think of anything 'bad.'  Oh wait, yes I can: PRICES!!  Usually when you come to events such as these, prices are lower than noted in the store or website.  Unfortunately, some prices weren't all that low.  I think it goes back to the vending price (as discussed with a vendor who came from out of state).  She was upset that she only made $50 when she had to pay to vend as well as pay for a hotel, gas, and food.  I can definitely understand her frustration.

But again, I had a blast and interacted with a bunch of people.  I swapped contact information and was actually able to meet other fan page owners, business owners and my very own Kinkies!!  All in all, it was worthwhile!

See my pictures of some of the event below.  I should have done more snapping and less talking.... NOT!
Me with Sara of Sarenzo Beads
 I thought she was just too fly!
 Dope shirts!
 The beautiful Tameka of Jewel Afrika Designs.
 Oraje and The Golden Child (too cute).
 Monique of Cotton Kinks & Coils.
 I loved her hair (the stylist).
 The beautiful Cara (a friend of Tracey's).
 The also beautiful Tracey.
  The talented Toni Daley.
 Some dudes doing spoken word.
 The beautifully-spirited Joi of Loc Soc.
 The adorable Teneele of Wires 'n' Thangs by TeneeleMichelle.
 Oraje working his magic on a natural sista.
 Oraje styling The Golden Child.  Totally loved them!
 The awesome beauty  Jocelyn behind Purposeful Beauty.
 Shida of Shida Naturals (I could have sworn we took a picture together).
 and more vendors...
 and some MORE vendors...
 ...yeah, those are vendors too...
 ...accessories... and a vendor...
 Here's some totally cute earring holders.
 Pooka Pure and Simple.
 Vendors again...
 Hahaha.  I got a picture!!  (insider with Candace).
 He and his cousin were selling jewelry as low as $2.
 Here's some of the $2 jewelry.
 There were A LOT of accessory vendors.
 From shea butter to knock off bags... it was THERE!
 The totally cute Golden Child.
 Yeah, I LOVE this shirt and had gotten SOOOOO many compliments.
 The stuff I came home with... I was good (and on a budget).  
Shout out to the people who I talked to that distracted me from making a bunch of purchases.
 And now... it's time to go to bed.  I'm beat!
I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing my pictures, almost as much as I enjoyed the event myself.  I kind of regret not taking more pictures.  It's o-tay as I will always have my memories!

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