Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Product Review - Knot Genie

Hey Kinkies!!!  The absolute worst part of cleansing your hair, to me at least, is the detangling portion.  Now, we all HAVE to detangle our hair.  No ifs, ands or butts about it.  In order for me to have a successful, and less time consuming, detangling session, I need two things: a detangling product and a detangling tool.  

Along with my fingers, I find that I have to use a tool, especially when my hair webs or my twist out decided to rebel.  The same goes for my daughter's hair.  I have tried (and reviewed) different combs to detangle our hair and most recently I've used a detangling brush called the Knot Genie.

What's the Knot Genie made of?
Uh, plastic.

What's your first impression of the Knot Genie Kinky?  It does take some quick getting used to, for me at least, as I am not used to using a palm-sized, cloud-shaped brush to detangle our hair.  As you detangle, you will find a way to hold it that is both comfortable to you as well as effectively doing it's purpose (detangling).  Now, the Knot Genie reminds me of another handheld detangling brush that I'm sure we've seen or heard of at least once.  I read that brushes such as these can rip your hair out; however, given the amount of hair after my detangling session, I don't see where extra hair was 'ripped out' beyond what my normal detangling session is.  I will say that you should definitely use some product on your hair whenever you are detangling, no matter what tool you use.  It not only helps the tools slide through your hair much easier, it also aids in conditioning your hair.

The Knot Genie helped to define curls, give me a bit of length, and was a big help with detangling our hair.

Here's a few pictures of the product and us using it...

Wait, before I get to the other pictures, I wanted to show you the side of the box.  
How cute is it that they made the UPC barcode into a Knot Genie?  Totally creative!
 I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture but every other row is a different size set of teeth.
 Ok, you can see it better here.  The teeth have a pattern of long, short, long, and so forth.
 In this picture, the left side is NOT yet detangled...  Can you see the difference?
 It totally helps for defining curls.  A must use when it's wash and go season!
 I couldn't stop 'brushing' my daughter's hair.  Here's her waves...
 Here's a side by side of my hair.  The picture on the left shows hair that was not yet detangled.  
As you can see in the picture on the right, I am in the process of detangling.  The Knot Genie worked through our hair without the feeling of our hair being ripped from the scalp.
So, in conjunction with my fingers and/or the other detangler I previously reviewed, I will definitely use this as part of my shampoo and detangle regimen.  For our hair to have not been previously finger detangled, not previously sectioned, and was just worn in 'out' styles that allowed for our hair to intertwine, the Knot Genie worked wonders!   The teeth weren't hard or scratchy against our scalp, and they bent as they detangled.  In addition, my daughter didn't complain of me hurting her hair while I detangled.  When it came to spots that really needed extra attention, I simply applied a bit more product, held part of the hair with one hand and used the Knot Genie in the other hand.  After each small section is detangled, do consider twisting that section and then proceed to detangle another section of your hair.  As for the Knot Genie... I absolutely love it!! 

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Knot Genie and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.


  1. Great comb, you should try using it with the hair dry after applying the Take Down Remover cream.

    Please let us know how it works, we detangle hair only and it could be a tool we add to our kits. But it has to work with the Take Down Remover/Detangler- because that is the only product we use successfully.

    1. Hi. I viewed your website. Unfortunately the ingredients are not listed so I'm not sure that it is something I would try.

  2. Wait is this for real? How is this any different than a Tangle Teezer? I am all about new and effective tools but this looks like a fake-out tangle teezer.

    1. Haley, I never used the Tangle Teezer so I can't really say. I know it resembles it. Kinky-Curly also has a similar tool on their website, just named differently.


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