Monday, April 30, 2012

Product Review - Strawllers

Hey Kinkies!  I'm here with yet another product review.  This review is of Strawllers.

Strawllers are curlers that come in different sizes, according to the curly look that you want.  I read somewhere that using them may decrease drying time; however, I can't fully comment on this at this time.  At the time that I used them, I did not have access to a hair dryer so my daughter's hair was air dried.  I started the review on my daughter's cleansed and detangled hair.   

What's Strawllers made of?
Uh, plastic with holes in it.  LoL.

What's your first impression of Strawllers Kinky?  When I was relaxed, the part that I hated most was sitting under the dryer with those fat rollers.  The result: big, body-full curls.  With Strawllers, you get long curlers that give you totally cute spiral curls and coils as a result.  Given the length of them, I do see how you can lessen the amount of time spent under the dryer, as you are not wrapping all of your hair on top of each other, but rather on the curler's long body.  To give the curls a bit more hold, I would say that you may need to use a holding spray, or a spritz-like spray.  That should help the curls to last longer.  While Strawllers has their own shampoo, conditioner, and foam wrap and set lotion, I think something heavier is needed if you're looking for a freeze-curled look.  To secure the hair onto the curler, you can use long bobby pins or clips.

I did three 'takes' of using the Strawllers on my daughter's hair...

Take one: all around curls!
  So, some of her curlers came out... no worries though, I got this!
 She still had beautiful coils.
 OK Mommy, we have to improvise!
Pulled to the side, making it work.
  Take two: curly pigtail
Bouncy spirals...
 Laid down edges... (using Coil Jam).
 Take three: a bun and curls - a cute combination for THIS girl!
 Shrinkage exists, but so does popping curls... they bounced right back!
Of note, I did separate some of the curls.
 She's loving her wild curls! 
I really like the Strawllers and totally want to do my own hair when I find MORE time.  Unfortunately, my daughter's curlers came out while sleeping, getting dressed, and being a kid.  This is NO FAULT of Strawllers and should not count against them.  Although I try to stay away from heat, using a dryer may yield better results.  My daughter likes the curls she gets from these, so I know I will have to do it more on her hair.  Her hair dries within a few hours (or overnight) and so this will definitely be my go to set of styling tools for special occasions.  I want to do a style for Mother's Day for the both of us.  We'll see how that turns out...  If I do it, I will post on FB/Twitter, as well as here.  Oh, there were times when I applied the curler and then took it out to redo or reposition it.  When I did this, it created a cute coil on wet hair within a  matter of a minute!  This goes to show that it's a great tool that will result in your hair having cute curls.  I look forward to using them more and styling OUR hair with them!

Where to buy: Strawllers

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Strawllers and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.

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