Sunday, April 15, 2012

UHM - Copy Cat Carnival

Hey Kinkies.  So, I'm totally excited to be participating in the Copy Cat Carnival for Untrained Hair Mom as I really love her and her blog.
Lately, Janae has desired to wear her hair out and wear flowers (or headbands) to accessorize.  As part of the Copy Cat Carvival, I was assigned to the blog for Boys and Girls, Natural Curls and had to pick one the styles featured to copy.  Janae and I looked through some of the styles and I wasn't at ALL surprised with the style she picked!

The blog post that I found the style at is here: Curly Bug.  Look at my little 'curly bug'... pictures are below.
My daughter loved the style. It's a variation from just wearing her hair out or wearing it pulled back on one side, as we have recently done.   I'm sure that she will want to do this style again.  

PS: I can't wait to see the blog post of the blog that 'copied' me!!

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  1. Very cute style!! I love it!


  2. AWHHHH! What a dollbaby! I love how this is free style yet its off and away from the face. GORG!

    1. Thansk BBH! I've been following your FB page and blog for a while now!

  3. Love how this style lets her have her hair out and away from her pretty face. Great job!

  4. Replies
    1. We love her curls... can't tell her NOTHING sometimes! LoL.

  5. Very nice, and I love THAT BOW!! Your "Curly Bug" is adorable :)

  6. I love this style and it looks beautiful on your daughter!

  7. So pretty!! She looks great and that flower is awesome too! (p.s. your copied style over at Charlotte's Avenue is to die for! LOVE!)


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