Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012 NNHMD

Hey Kinkies... so, National Natural Hair Meetup Day was yesterday, May 19, 2012.  You all know that I just HAD to attend a meetup.  They didn't have any here in Jersey.  They did have one in Brooklyn as well as in Manhattan; however, I drove from New Jersey to Long Island (over an hour drive) to support my sis, Daphné, AKA Une Autre Naturelle.  I previously featured her in an interview.  You can check that out here.   I must say that overall, I did enjoy myself.  With the exception of a few things, I think overall the meetup was successful.  The price of this event was $30.

The event had 50 attendees, mainly from Long Island or other parts of New York.  Besides Joy of Curls of Joy, I was the only one from NJ.  I was one of the first 25 attendees so I got the REAL swag bag that contained a few full sized products, some samples, and a magazine.  There was also a few fliers and cards placed on a table with coupon codes.  

Okay, so we like our dessert before dinner right?  Ok... let's talk about the good.  I liked the intimacy of the event.  There wasn't an extremely big, chaotic crowd.  The swag bag, for me at least, was great, and the giveaways (over 30) were awesome.  While I am a little bitter (LoL) that I did not win from brands that I have been wanting to try (Little Penguins, Pura Body Naturals, and HairVeda, just to name a few), I did win from a brand that I already know and trust, Sister's Keeper.  I think the giveaways (hair products, t-shirts, and accessories) were AWESOME!!  It was all thanks to Daphné!!

Unlike some events, this one had FOOD as it was hosted at a restaurant called Mirelle's.  The Caribbean style lunch was great... the fruit wasn't all that sweet but the plantains made up for that!  Yummy in my tummy was the appetizers and the meal that followed!   

There was an awesome Q & A session with Marlene of Doris New York Hair Care Products, as well as a hair styling session with Darcel of Natural Roots Hair Care Inc.  Both of these ladies rocked it.  (Of note, I will be doing a review of some products from Doris New York Hair Care Products.  Stay tuned for that.)  Marlene was there selling hair products and there were also two accessories vendors.

The event ran from 1pm to 5pm, which wasn't bad... I think we all had enough time to enjoy ourselves.

Oh, I brought my daughter.  I had previously promised her that I would take her to the next meetup that I went to.  She had the opportunity to help out Daphné and listen to hair talk.  I think it was a great mommy/daughter day!

The bad... Besides this one rude waiter that worked at the restaurant, and got on quite a few people's nerve, there was nothing bad I could really think of.  Hmmm... wait, there is... the product swap!

Now, I saw some decent brands on the table... and I bought two of three products valued $15 - $20 and were almost full (that I paid for, just no longer wanted/needed).  I also bought a huge container of gel.  You were allowed to bring/swap up to three items.  You were given a ticket and you were supposed to come to the table when your name was called.  Well, I don't know what happened with that as people were just taking what they wanted, appearing to leave with more products than they were supposed to (if you brought only one, you should have taken only one), and there was no fairness to it.  I'm not fully sorry to say this but uh, if you are coming to swap products, how are you taking something expensive, yet leaving some cheap Dollar Tree gel and $0.97 Suave shampoo for others?  Although I understand why you would not want those products, why would you even bring that?!?  I just don't feel as though it was considerate of others.  Products were supposed to be at least half full, yet one jar clearly had about 15-20% in it and some of the jars/containers were dirty, had hair in/on them, and totally NOT presentable.  I assume the guilty parties didn't care about all of that, DESPITE the email that clearly said to ensure that products are clean and half full.  They were just happy to have hit the jackpot.  There was definitely talk about it immediately following  the swap and a few ladies were not pleased with this part of the event.

Anywho, this has nothing to do with the host or the event itself; however, I am going to be 100% honest with how I feel about everything as a whole...  It took me a little over an hour to get there and a little over an hour to get back.  I wasn't feeling that; however, I guess that was on me because I chose to go show support.  I didn't expect my return time to double that of my arrival time.  I kinda wished that I bought tickets to another event so that I could have spent the whole day in NY and took part and another NNHMD event.  Maybe then I would have had the opportunity to meet more Kinkies, network more, and possibly miss all of that traffic!  O_o

All in all, the event was a success and I am very glad that I came.  I would definitely attend another event hosted by Daphné, as she did a FANTASTIC job.  She's so sweet and lovable!  Who knows, we may be able to partner on it together!  ;-)

Well Kinkies, that's my thoughts on it.  Thanks for reading and please check out my quick slide show of some of the pictures that I captured...
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