Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kute Lil' Kinkies - Janae

Hey Kinkies!!  I am doing a new 'segment' on my page called Kute Lil' Kinkies.  Not only do I want to celebrate the natural beauties I encounter, but I also want to recognize (and encourage) the little natural beauties in our life.  Of course I couldn't start this segment without first featuring my own daughter, Janae!!
~What's your name, age, and grade?

My name is Janae.  I am eight years old and I am in third grade.

~What's your favorite color?

~What's your favorite natural hair style?
A braided bun with a few twists to the side.

~What's some of your favorite things to do and why?   
I love swimming, singing, dancing, riding my bike, and going to places like the mall, Funplex, and The Liberty Science Center.  I enjoy these things and I like to do them all of the time!  :-)

~What makes you feel awesomely beautiful? 
Singing, dancing, and looking at myself in the mirror makes me feel awesomely beautiful!!! :-P
Kinky Chats With Mommy...

~Why do you want to showcase your natural little beauty?
I think that it is VERY important to encourage our children to love themselves, inside and out.  They need to feel and KNOW that they are special.  No matter their skin color, hair color, favorite subject, height, if they wear glasses, like vegetables, and/or their ethnicity, they need to know that they are beautifully unique, special, and should believe in themselves.  The images on television and the kids at school may have them second guessing their looks; however, that's where we as parents, grandparents, etc., come in.  Instead of looking up child-star singers and actors online, come here and show your Kute Lil' Kinky themselves, as well as the other Kute Lil' Kinkies featured.  I guarantee they'll smile and feel good about what they see!

~How do you encourage your little one to love their natural hair and natural beauty?
I continually tell her how beautiful she is and teach her about loving herself and her hair.  I praise her for her grades, being a great daughter, and teach her about being a great person.  Yes, she gets tons of compliments from family, friends, and strangers, but I still think it's important to teach her about her inner and outer beauty at home.  I let her pick out her own clothes and decide on the hair styles she wants to wear, so not only is she feeling like she's part of creating her identity, she's also allowed to show her fashion sense, her inner and outer beauty, and be proud of what she portrays.

~Are there any tips or advice that you would like to give other mother's about doing/taking care of their child's natural hair?
Since I know that so many other mommies will submit great hair tips and advice, I'm going to just say let your child have a part in the styling of their hair.  Teach them how to cleanse, style, and maintain their natural hair.  Also, ask them what style they want to wear.  Feeling like their included in decisions will definitely go a long way.  
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