Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kute Lil' Kinkies - Nalani

Hey Kinkies!  It's time for our second Kute Lil' Kinkies feature.  A proud grandmother submitted this entry (she's pictured below with her granddaughter and there's also a picture of Nalani's mother).
~What's your name, age, and grade?

Her name Nalani Sarobei Campbell and she is four years old.  She currently goes to daycare and loves it!

~What's your favorite color?
Her favorite colors are red and blue.

~What's your favorite natural hair style?

Her mother's favorite hair style is a pony tail/twists in a bun and my favorite style for her is the bantu knots!

~What's some of your favorite things to do and why?   

Her favorite things to do are watch Dora, color, and draw.

~What makes you feel awesomely beautiful? 
What makes her feel awesomely beautiful is lip gloss, getting dressed, and taking pictures.  (I think she'll be a model).  Her personality is so refreshing, lively and beautiful!!
Kinky Chats With Mommy...

~Why do you want to showcase your natural little beauty?
I want to showcase her natural beauty because I want other moms/grandmoms to know that their Kute Lil' Kinkies can be naturally beautiful too!  You don't need relaxers to manage their hair and handle their beautiful locs of hair.

~How do you encourage your little one to love their natural hair and natural beauty?
We encourage her to love her natural hair and beauty by allowing her to "assist" in her hair styling, teach her about natural hair products (yes at four yrs old).  We compliment her natural beauty and let her see other natural Kinkies on television, in magazines, and in the real world so that she knows kinky hair is beautiful hair!

~Are there any tips or advice that you would like to give other mother's about doing/taking care of their child's natural hair?
Tips and advice that my daughter and I want give are: If you use rubber bands, break them off instead of pulling them off so you don't break the hair.  Depending on the hair type, ouchless rubber bands may work on your Lil' Kinkies hair.  If you do a ponytail, pull her ponytails more to the middle of her head, instead of the top, and you won't have edge breakage.  Please comb from the ends to the roots and invest in a great detangler.
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  1. Thank you so much!!!! This is beautiful!!! I'm literally in tears of joy!

    1. :-) I am glad that you like it. I hope your granddaughter loves it and can look back at it!


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