Monday, June 4, 2012

Product Review - Pami Pocket

Sometimes I absolutely hate carrying a purse.  (Men have it so easy!)  Sometimes I just want to up and go with a clutch... or now... my Pami Pocket.

What's Pami Pocket made of?
Neoprene and other fabric.

What's your first impression of the Pami Pocket Kinky?  I think it's totally cute and useful, especially for those who like to travel light.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and so my phone is HUGE!  Even with a two layer phone cover on it, it still fit into the Pami Pocket.  It's enough room to fit a phone, a few bucks, your credit card and your keys.  Maybe some lip gloss too!
You can wear the Pami Pocket as a cross-body or over your shoulder...
The Pami Pocket website claims that it's spill and splash-proof.  Of course I had to test it.  How did I test it you ask?  By taking a shower with it!  (insert giggling here)  I put paper in it, instead of my phone, to test it out.  Do you think it held up?  
The Pami Pocket had gotten a little soaked when I held it directly under the water stream.  It wasn't soaking wet to the point where water just dripped from it.  It was wet to the point where I could squeeze a little bit of water out of the fabric.  It was okay with a few splashes; however, once drenched with water, the paper inside could not stand a chance.
As you can see, the paper had gotten wet after I showered with it.
For splashes and a little spill, it may hold up.  Would I recommend using it while on a water ride at an amusement park (or when you jump into a pool)?  Nope!  I didn't use it the entire time I showered, just long enough to see if the inside contents would get wet (about a minute).

Overall, the Pami Pocket is cool, me and my daughter liked it.  If you want to think of what to compare the fabric to, think of the water socks you wear to the pool and water parks.

Where to buy: Pami Pocket

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of a review and I was NOT paid to do this review. The above review/opinions expressed was based on MY experience using the product. Kinky Kinetik is not affiliated with Pami Pocket and is thereby not responsible for your experience with the product.

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  1. I need this in my life!!! Thanks for the review :)


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