Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kinky's Castor Oil Challenge #1

Hey Kinkies! I'm kicking off my first challenge - a JBCO Challenge!! Although it's okay for my Kinkies to use any castor oil, it appears that the majority of them are using JBCO and that's what I'm using too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful... Janelle Monae

PhotobucketYayness!!  Not only do we have a natural belle as a Cover Girl, we have someone, who in my opinion, REALLY epitomizes beauty... Kinkies and gentleman... JANELLE MONAE is OUR new Cover Girl!!

I have loved Janelle since the first day I heard her voice... I saw a link on Facebook a few years ago and played the video.  I feel in LOVE (yes, I know she's a girl).  From there, I started to do a bit of research.    I downloaded her albums to my iPod Touch and posted a few on Facebook.  While others were calling her weird and asking what's up with her hair, I was enjoying her overall style.  She reminds me of a classy, female version of Andre 3000.  Both are gorgeous and surely have their own style, which they are NOT afraid to rock.  They're different from what you see on TV everyday... and of note, this kinky does NOT do trends!

I love everything about Janelle Monae.  She's quirky, beautiful, and seems to be really down to earth.  I would love to one day meet her and hang out with her.  I'm sure it would be fun.  Until then, I have her music... and this video:
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