Friday, September 14, 2012

Supernatural: The Event

Don't beat me up... I KNOW this is WAY over due; however, I'm finally doing it right?!?

OK Kinkies, so I went to this AMAZING event.  By far, one of the BEST natural hair events that I ever attended.  What event was it Kinky?  It was called Supernatural: The Event and it was one of many awesome events that I attended, and will attend, given by Candace Kelley of Curl Prep.

The event, which was held on July 21, 2012 here in New Jersey.  There was amazing art, awesome vendors, and great features!  Man, I'm telling you, this event was worth the price!  Guess who was there... go ahead, guess!  Well, okay, time is up.  Here's who was present (and who you missed if you didn't attend):
  • Candace Kelley, the beautiful founder of Curl Prep, and author of Coif Cuisine;
  • Gilda Rogers, founder of Frank Talk Media;
  • Caryl Lucas, founder of Renoir Productions, Inc. The Art of Living Empowered;
  • Jenell, founder of Kinky Curly, Coily Me; 
  • Some fantubulous actresses; andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
Okay, let's start with the art.  The art was breathtaking.  You will see for yourself in the slide show below.  I was able to meet two of the artists who had their work on display.  I was even able to buy some signed prints from one of the artists.  Yup, Lavett D. Ballard of Preachers Wife Arts and Sulaiman Onque were both in the house and it was my honor to meet them both!

Up next was the big chop workshop, which wasn't bad.  Most, if not all, of the information and tips I knew; however, it may have been helpful to those that are newly natural.  I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Following the workshop was the short film "Natural Hair Under the Microscope."  While I did not attend this, due to my chatting it up with the holistic practitioner (and her sister) that was there, I'm sure it was great.  I did want to see the film, but I didn't.  However, during that time I received some priceless information that I will carry with me forever.

The Supernatural play... I wasn't about to miss that!  The actresses were ALL awesome and had you been there, you would have been able to relate, somewhat at least, to each of their stories.  I was dang near in tears listening to them.  They definitely deserved a standing ovation.

Last, but far from least, was Kim Coles!  Talk about touching, funny, and energetic!  I LOVED her message and even took my own little personal notes to use in life.  She joked around, talked about hair, and also talked about G.I.F.T.S.

So, in my opinion, this event was like no other.  Beyond what is noted above, there was a hair wrapping session; talented vendors that were hand selected (yup, I bought some thangs - LoL), massage therapy; and food!!   I was able to meet the owners of such businesses as Lips By Billie, The Braided Bunch, and Wearable Art.  

Given that this is being posted so late, I'm able to say that I attended the follow up Supernatural event, which was also here in NJ.  I will post a blog about that event shortly.  Let's just say, that was also a great time... for the most part.  In the meantime, check out a few pictures I took (slide show) as well as some pictures of the items that I purchased.

Here's what I bought (earrings, two shirts, and two framed prints):
Swag bag contents (body balm, mag, mascara, and BT sample)
Here's the slide show... enjoy!

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