Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hey Kinkies, It's My "My Pride. My Way" Giveaway!!!

In the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, African Pride would like to invite you to celebrate Breast Cancer Survivors.  Join us in highlighting everyday women who are living inspirations and provide hope in the fight against cancer.  Please take a moment to be inspired by the survivors' amazing stories of struggle and triumph in their personal journey against breast cancer while visiting African Pride on Facebook.  African Pride [Stories of Strength] Breast Cancer Series embodies fostering #GirlPower with the brand's "My Pride. My Way" campaign. #APSOS 

Two lucky Kinkies will win a full-size jar of African Pride's all new Shea Butter Miracle Collection, which is great for virgin tresses and restoring healthy hair.  Two jars of African Pride Shea Butter Miracle is being offered to my Kinkies who have battled with or have served as a support system for someone with breast cancer.  
This giveaway will run until 10/31/12.  Two lucky Kinkies will win and will have to provide their full name, physical mailing address (no PO boxes), and phone number  (but not at this time, ONLY if you win).  Both Kinkies will receive their prize 2 - 3 weeks after this giveaway ends.

Want to know what product the product was made to do?  African Pride®'s Shea Butter Miracle™ Butter Créme gives amazing manageability, softness and shine to naturally Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily Mixed Textures, plus perfect for Transitioners.

Truly affordable beauty (retails under $7.00)
* Nourish & Soften Curls, Coils and Waves
* Stretch & Elongate Curls and Kinky-Coils
* Smooth and Tame Frizz Specifications.

Ok, enough reading, now to enter!

First, subscribe.  Next, comment below about your battle with breast cancer and/or how you've served as a support system for those that battled breast cancer.  Please also indicate an email for me to contact you back at if you win!  Good luck Kinkies!!

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  1. Hi Kinky, love you site...love your hair and pics you post of your little girl..You have been my inspiration these past couple of yrs. that I have been natural, I often complained of thin hair unable to style, ect.. but my hair cooperates much better now. You encourage us newbies to be patient and I'm glad I listened.

    JoAnne Cobb

  2. I support my spiritual mother who has beaten breast cancer with the help of the Lord she was diagnosed with it in 2009 and she is still alive as of today I support her through her times of feeling weak are down letting her know that she made it this far and not just because she is cancer free on today and I thank God for it because without she wouldn't have made it! My email is Amiyaziamere23@hotmail.com Be Blessed KK!

  3. I have supported breast cancer by participating two years in a row in the breast cancer of Milwaukee. My aunt was a breast cancer survivor who has since passed away this year in Feb. Thanks for having this giveaway my email is maxidaughter@gmail.com and I am subscribed to your blog.

  4. Last year my boss was diagnosed. Our little organization scrambled to keep itself together while she was out and we all PRAYED HARD for her recovery. Our organization is a music ministry that serves homeless shelters and other community outreach centers. One thing we believe is the "When you sing you pray twice!" and we sang our way through the ordeal. We even shot a video for her that was "I am Not My Hair" to encourage her through her chemo. Needless to say...she is now survivor! My email is: joliethinks@gmail.com

  5. Last year, my pastor was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was really inspiring because she still preached and was active in the church. She never complained. She didn't try to hide herself when she was going through chemo. She didn't wear a hat or a wig. Our church sponsored a walk for breast cancer. We raised a lot of money, and a lot of people came out. She is now cancer free!


  6. dedicated & inspired by the God-given life and strength of Yahminah McIntosh. Indeed)

    ....and I realized, that flesh is a shell is a corpse
    those are all steps we must take as we walk in faith
    our spirit is more then a cliche, it is eternal
    death and decay can not deny the will to live for it's forever
    I pray that
    my soul finds rest whenever God gives the say
    diagnosis only words, words only words mouthed by men
    who give their pen & pad more script power then the "sword"
    you say 6 mnths to live He said it shall never end
    reality is as it does...the treatment I pick is His love
    grace may it follow me
    may it chase me down and tackle me even with no will to live
    nausea, lost hair, brittle bones, blindness will not be my way
    I chose to live
    I will fill me with His word and His promises of life
    You Shall Live
    I will eat of His earth every living thing I can find
    for even Adam & Eve knew it was good
    sustenance is tied to the vine
    nurture me with you
    paint my insides with every green, purple, orange, yellow, red hue
    be the anti to my oxidants and if my breast shall offend me, cut it off
    by humanity is tied to you
    I AM woman...
    study me, in this case pink gives strength
    create a renewed mind of peace
    let the Drs believe because of me
    I will wear Breast Cancer Survivor as a badge of honor reminded you fought for even Me
    I declare myself a Living Testimony.
    Their End is my Beginning
    for I SHALL LIVE eternally!
    (c) 10.14.12 Natasha 'Beautiful Thought'
    All Rights Reserved. Copying is allowed unless if it includes all words in this post, including this statement.

  7. I 2004 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were in shock and dismay, I mean she was only 34 and an A cup. How could she get breast cancer! I wanted to be there for her so bad but unfortunate for me, I was away in Texas for nine months. I tried talking to her on the phone daily, but she was very inconsolable. She kept saying "no one knows how I feel" and she was right. None of us had ever faced what she was about to go through, the chemo, the illnesses, the hair loss, the dropped weight, none of it. After her first chemo treatment, she called me and she was hysteric! Her hair started falling out in patches. We thought it would be months before that began. She wasn't prepared to shave her head that quickly and was quit fearful. She had never had short hair before. So without a thought, I told her I would go cut all my hair off so at least she didn't have to go through this part alone. I told her this was the only way I could think to support her since I wasn't physically there with her every day. We could go through the short phase together. So I went and cut my hair, and kept cutting it until she started growing her hair back. ( I wasn't bald, b/c the Army wouldn't tolerate that, but I was as close to it as regulation allowed) after a year and a half we both began growing our hair out. I got an email in while I was in Iraq " I feel some tufts, you can stop cutting your hair. Love you so much". I was relieved. Short hair is not my thing, and it wasn't her thing either, so thankfully we could move past that stage.
    Cancer and the short hair as frivolous as it sounds, brought us closer together. We begin exploring wigs together and began learning how to take care of hair together. And on her 5th year cancer free birthday we took a trip to Vegas together to celebrate, and I did a Cancer walk in St. Louis with her.
    Every little bit of support counts. Be creative if you have to, just be there for them no matter what. :-)

  8. Hi my name is Michael. When I was 6 years old, I moved to my mothers hometown of chicago,from atlanta. I didnt really know why we moved, I didn't know it at the time but she had Breast Cancer. Even then I didnt know what that was.lol All I knew is that she suddenly went from long hair to really short hair. She passed when I was 7. Long story short, my mother actualy supported me because at a early age I realized that life is very short and you should enjoy every moment of it and I had much wisdom from that very expierence. I wouldnt change a thing about. So truthfully, All I did at the time when she was going through the process of kemo-therapy and things of that nature is be a good son and do what she asked of me. Anyways, my mom always told me that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to and that has given me much confidence all of my life. So.. really. She has supported me.. all of these years. Even after she passed. :)

  9. Email: Mikool713@yahoo.com Thank you :)

  10. I'M ENTERING!!!!
    I have lost an Auntie to breast cancer..and I do 2 walks every year. I raised $425 by myself for the Making Strides walk in Newark, NJ 2 wks ago and will do the same if not more for the Susan Komen walk in April @ S Mountain Reservation.

    Thank you Ms Kinetik for all of ur help during my transition to natural hair as u know, it has been a struggle! And its still the beginning!

    Thanks for everything, wishing u mush success. Xoxoxoxo

    Catrina "Team Abs"


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