Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kinky's Castor Oil Challenge #1 (Third Check In)

Hey Kinkies!  So we are six weeks into our castor oil challenge.  Nine Kinkies, including myself, decided to use castor oil and see if it aided in hair growth.  The original post, with the challenge details, can be found here.  Here's some results so far:

3rd Check In (9.26.12)
~Kinky Kinetik - focused on hair (and eyebrow) growth and thickening of hair around the hair line (edges).
I didn't do an eyebrow check in because I actually had to get them waxed for my niece's sweet 16... here's my edges though...

~Tangela - focused on growth of front and top of head, as they are the shortest.

~Nakia - focused on growth of bald spots in crown and edge area..  Current length 4.5" and looking for 3" of growth by end of challenge.
No check in received.

~Joan - focused on growth in front, bang area. Current length 4.5".
No check in received.

~Tiffany - focused on growth of crown area.

~Arlene - focused on hair growth.  Current length is a little over 2".
No check in received.

~Yolanda - focused on growth of edges/temple area.
No check in received.

~Carla - focused on overall growth, with goal of shoulder length hair.

~Carla's daughter - focused on growth of edges.

Stay tuned for the final results results and to find out the winner of this challenge!  Do you guys see the amazing growth that Tiffany achieved?  This stuff really works!!

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~Keep it Kinky~ 

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