Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Is Her Hair Longer Than Mine? We Went Natural At The Same Time!!

I don't know how many times I've heard or saw this question.  I would definitely have my MacBook Pro if I was given $5 for every time I heard it!  LoL.  Have you asked this question, whether to yourself or out loud?  What was your answer?

Kinkies, although every one's hair grows a certain amount each month (about 1/2 an inch), you do have to understand and realize that some may do "extra things" to get their hair to grow longer than usual.  So you're probably thinking, "Things like what, Kinky?"  Well, things like...
  • taking supplements - some may take Biotin or research and take other supplements that are known to encourage hair growth.  So if they're taking certain supplements, or other medications that aid in hair growth, expect their hair to be longer, and possibly stronger, than yours.
  • using Castor oil - whether it be Jamaican Black or just some regular ole Castor oil, it has been known to encourage hair growth .  So if you're not using it and comparing your hair length to that of a person that is, you're setting yourself up for failure as well as disappointment.
  • using, or taking, Ayurvedic herbs and oils - a lot of naturals are doing their research and finding out that oils and herbs such as Amla powder and Bhringraj oil help to grow your hair.  It's actually great because Ayurvedic herbs and oils are all natural with multiple benefits.
  • doing scalp massages - this increases blood flow to the scalp and may also aid in hair growth.  Some do these nightly.
  • using essential oils - peppermint, lavender, and rosemary are just a few oils that encourage hair growth.
  • getting pregnant.  We all know that your hair grows during pregnancy.  
Also take into consideration that some may have longer hair because they avoid heat, they avoid certain hair styles, they have those "good" genes, and/or they may have a diet that is rich in foods that aid in hair growth. And just so you know, certain styles (braid and/or twist outs done on wet vs dry hair) give the illusion of length, or lack thereof.
 photo long_zps5a805d2e.png
I see other naturals who have been "natural" longer than I am, about the same time, or for a shorter period of time and their hair is not necessarily the same length as mine.  However, I KNOW why my hair may be shorter, or longer, than some.  Here are my reasons:
  • I had heat damage.  Yup.  My kinks wouldn't kink back up after cleansing!  So what did I have to do? CUT IT!!!
  • I dyed my hair.  Let's face it, if you're not caring for your hair possibly more than usual, that dye will damage your hair.
  • I was addicted to cutting my hair.  I posted about this on my Facebook page a while ago.  I kept on cutting an inch here, a few there.  I even went to a salon to get a trim that kinda turned into a cut.  Why?  I have no idea.  Just addicted to cutting it.. and I still do as of the date of this post.  (Perhaps  I keep cutting because deep down I want to do another big chop).
  • I was stressing.  I won't get into all of what I was going through for the past year; however, I will say that it did have an affect on my health, which impacts my body as well as my hair.
Kinkies, I say all of this to say this: don't fret that your hair is not as long as the person's hair who started before, after, or at the same time you decided to go back to your natural roots.  Everyone treats their hair different and may do more, or less, than you do to get and retain length.  To some, long hair is their goal - they HAVE to have bra strap and then waist length hair.  For others, like myself, I don't really care anymore.  As long as my hair is cute, healthy, and all mine, I'm GOOD!

What are your thoughts, Kinkies?  Do you compare your length to the length of others?  Do you care about length? 

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  1. Awesome post. We need to stop worrying about everyone else and their hair and just nurture our own hair. I gotta remind myself of this as well. Great post.

  2. I love this post! Lawd knows I keep looking at curlies hair and wondering, why is her hair down her back when we BC a week apart lmbo. But I get it. I am 2 years in and STILL trying to figure out my hair. What I do realize, at the end of the day hair is just hair. Be happy that you're able to grow it because there are some folks who cannot grow a strand.


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