Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where I've Been... What I'm Doing.

Aside from the review that I posted the other day, you haven't heard much from me in a little over six months.  Well, let me tell you that LIFE has been happening to me and FINALLY things are turning around!

So, since I've been gone, I've attempted to recover from the lost of my job, as well as multiple asthma attacks.  Man, I thought that I was going to DIE, literally!  Because of those bronchial asthmatic attacks, I ceased working out BUT I am back ON IT!!  I had a mishap in May, in which I sprained my ankle, one of the worst sprains a person could have, but that is not stopping me, I am motivated to lose this weight and get back on track with my health overall.

Although my ankle is still bothering me, I have been doing two to two and one half miles daily this week, last week I did a few days of aerobic.  Ultimately, my goal is to tone up my muscles as well as lose weight.  I am trying out Yacon syrup, which I will be reviewing shortly, and looking to also try detoxing and other methods that aid in weight loss and fat burning.  I weighed myself the other day and came in at 175 pounds.  I was steady at 170 so I am not sure where those extra five pounds came from, but, I plan to really get on it and lose 15 - 20 pounds.  After it's gone, I plan to keep it away... forever (insert evil laughter here).

So Kinkies... this is what I will be working on for the remainder of 2014:

  • a book, or two, authored by ME, 
  • weight loss (15 - 20 pounds) and muscle toning,
  • healthier cooking and eating (I already love fruits and veggies and I am strongly considering becoming a vegetarian.  I haven't eaten pork or beef in a decade or more, and my poultry intake is limited.  (I looooooooooooove me some seafood though),
  • continuing with homemade, natural products for the hair and body),
  • getting over the fact that my daughter is turning 11 and will be in sixth grade next month.  (OMGosh, she is almost a teen!),
  • continuing to work on a better me, and
  • developing my skills in areas of passion, such as art, writing, health, and more.
So yeah, I have a lot to look forward to and hold myself accountable for.  I am up for the challenge, totally!  

Stay Tuned!!

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~Keep it Kinky~

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