Sunday, December 28, 2014

Product Review - Coosh Bluetooth Speaker

I love music... it soothes the savage beast, right?  Well at work, I need all of the soothing that I can get.  I don't always want, or have, the earbuds from my iPod in my ears so what's the next best thing?  A bluetooth speaker!  

 photo 20141219_104114_zps7e2e853a.jpg

I was sent the Coosh Bluetooth speaker to review.  It is sleek, easy to pair your devices with, and has great sound quality.  I paired it with my phone as well as my iPod.  It charges in about three hours and if you have a device that is not bluetooth compatible, there's an extra cord that you can use to put in the earplug hole.  The charging plug can be connected to a wall adapter or your computer's USB port... making it easily connectable to almost anything so that you can charge it.  Also, the buttons are touch-sensitive and allows you to control the volume, skip songs, and play or pause your music.

All I need at work, music and freedom from germs...
 photo 20141219_131139_zps9a2b13e2.jpg
Make sure you check out the bluetooth speaker by clicking here.  The speaker will be on Amazon for about $49.95... much cheaper than it's rival.  All in all, I love this and plan to make great use of it.

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