Monday, December 29, 2014

Product Review - Valhalla Sleep Mask

Everyone needs their beauty sleep and sometimes the lights, or the sun, interferes with that.  The Valhalla sleep mask is supposed to remedy that.

As packaged below, the Valhalla sleep mask comes with a an adjustable sleep mask, ear plugs, and a carrying case.
 photo 20141224_050717_zps026c4023.jpg photo 20141224_050859_zps4b14263a.jpg

I've used the sleep mask more than the earbuds.  I guess the earbuds would be more beneficial in loud environments, or when traveling.  Given that I would like to potentially hear what's going on at home, I deferred use.  The mask worked wonders.  It's really pitch black under there.  How do I know?  Duh, I opened my eyes while wearing the mask.  It definitely served it's purpose and I will continue to use it... while hiding it from my daughter, who also wants to use it.  What I like about this packaged deal is that it comes with a sleep diary, which allows you to track how much better you're sleeping while using the mask. 

Check out the Valhalla mask on Amazon by clicking here.  Right now it's under $15.  A great deal.

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