Saturday, January 17, 2015

Product Review - Limm Sports Armband

Sometimes you need fre ehands while working out.  This is where the armband by Limm Sports comes in...

I want to get fit and in doing so, I NEED to listen to music.  I generally use my phone or iPod while working out, especially if I'm working out outside of the house.
 photo 20150104_161214_zpsa08f5530.jpg
The arm band is adjustable and comes in varying sizes, catered to the width of your arm.  Even jumping up and down, it doesn't really shift, making it perfect for an intense workout.
 photo 20150104_161635_zpse5aea7ed.jpg
Your iPod or phone, unless it's huge, is certain to fit in the armband.  There is a key pouch, which I think is purposeless, as I doubt anyone is carrying around just ONE key.  Anywho, check out this armband on Amazon by clicking here.  I think it's worth the JUST under $20.

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