Sunday, January 4, 2015

Product Review - Microfiber Wholesale Mop

I've been using a Swiffer or broom to do the floor cleaning. As the microfiber mop from  Microfiber Wholesale acts as both a wet and dust mop, covering more ground, no pun intended, than the Swiffer, I was happy to review.

Included with the mop, which is almost $40 from Amazon, is the instructions on how to use it both ways.  The dust and wet mop parts attach via velcro for easy removal and clean up of the actual mop parts.
 photo 20150104_073429_zpse9d4e613.jpg
I would definitely recommend adjusting the handle's length, which is stainless steel, otherwise, the handle will elongate and shorten on it's own.
 photo 20150104_073327_zpsf576dd37.jpg
In the picture above, the wet mop part is pictured on the top.  I didn't use a bucket but rather the method of wetting the floor and cleaning it up with the mop.  It is super absorbent and did a great job in my bathroom and kitchen.  The dust mop part quickly snatched up all of the dust and such that was under the chairs and sofa in my livingroom.  It's like it was magnetic... instantly drawn to the mop.

All in all, I found great use for the mop and will will continue to use it.  I think the price is reasonable, considering how much you have to pay to replace the pads of the "other" brands.  I recommend you check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

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