Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Product Review - Xtava Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Flat ironing is a treat for me and my daughter, just like snacks... it is not something you can do to your hair frequently, but when I do indulge, I want it to be worth it.

Currently I use another brand of flat iron; however, it's not Tourmaline.  I thought that it would be worth my while to test out the Adagio/Xtava one.  I love that it comes in varying colors and has a travel bag included.  It appears that the travel bag is insulated; however, I have not put the hot flat iron in there to speak to how it holds up.  Good thing for traveling though, your clothes won't get messed up by your greasy, product-coated flat iron.  The iron plates warm up really quickly and beep to let you know that they are heated to  your liking.

I used the flat iron on my daughter's hair and I was pleased with the results.  So, without further ado...

 photo 20150111_203225_zpsb444c6fc.jpg photo 20150111_214136_zps7cb33b31.jpg
Of course, I used a heat protectant... and oh, the varying tints of her hair is partly because of henna.  I definitely would continue to use this flat iron... occasionally though.

Check out the flat iron on Amazon, going for about $35, by clicking here.

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