Sunday, February 22, 2015

Product Review - Naturalico Speed Jump Rope

Jump ropes are a great addition to your workout arsenal!  I have found that jumping can burn a lot more calories than other workouts.  I was sent the Naturalico speed jump rope for review and must say that I am definitely pleased.

Hey Kinkies. It's My "Mint To Be" Giveaway!!!

Product Review - La Lune Naturals Peppermint Oil

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE peppermint oil.  Whether I'm adding it to a misting spray for my hair or using it to remedy a headache, it's by far one of my favorite essential oils.

Product Review - Francois et Mimi Double Wall Sports Bottles

I was sent these double wall, insulated, stainless-steel BPA free bottles for review.  I like to take smoothies to work daily, and sometimes when I run errands, I like to take juice that I may have made at home or previously purchased in the store.  As two was sent to me, I allowed my daughter to also use one (rather she claimed it as her own - LoL).
 photo 20150217_082826_zpsad59684c.jpg
So, there's a few great things about these bottles.  One - they are leakproof.  I turned it upside and nothing leaked out... thanks to the suction. The mouth part is soft, doesn't feel awkward.  Our drinks stayed cold for a few hours.  Lastly, they're easy to clean.  I think that I found a winner, just as I was in the market for new travel bottles.

Check them out on Amazon by clicking here.  They're selling for just under $20, which is definitely not bad for the quality that you're getting.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Product Review - Love Trap eBook

 photo Capture_zps0d0ffbd2.pngI absolutely love to read.  There's nothing like relaxing or letting time fly while enjoying a good book.

I read Love Trap, written by Amnon Jackont.  I have to say that it is definitely a page turner and you would be surprised as to what the main character would do in the name of love... Love for her career and love for the man that she is in a relationship with.  While reading, you start to figure out what's next, or what you think will happen next.  However, as you continue on through the book, many things that you expect to happen, don't, and there are some things that will surprise you.  Without using the cover of the book, you're able to imagine how each character looks based on the skillful descriptions of each one.  While I can't say that I would proceed as the main character did, putting love before your child, I can definitely say that she surely had an interesting life and it was good to see how it all played out.

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