Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Product Review - Air Bar Exercises DVD

I agreed to review the Air Bar Exercises and I am glad that I was given the opportunity!
I must say that Erin Buchanan is a BEAST!  I could barely keep up, in part due to my asthma, with her during the workout.  In just the first few minutes, when you focus on breathing and posture, you are sure to burn calories and get in a workout!  
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In about an hour, you get a full-body workout that will leave you exhausted; however, no pain, no gain, right?  I have absolutely no complaints about this workout DVD.  I have used boxing workout DVD's, Beachbody DVD's, as well as Tae Bo and I don't think they compare!   
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 photo 20150316_220536_zpsakmt7ugb.jpg
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Look at my pictures!  Thanks to a recent onset of asthma, a limb injury, and life, I have gotten out of shape.  I'm looking forward to getting beach ready and overall toned again, all thanks to ABX!!  My list of cons for the video is not as long as the pros.  While the video is about an hour long, you will definitely feel the results!  There's a dude in the background that just seems totally out of place.  Try to ignore him.  Erin coaches and encourages you through the entire workout; however, I wish the DVD had multiple intervals, or at least a table of contents for easily jumping to certain parts.  While I don't mind, the length of the workout may not be for everyone.

Oh, and before I go.  I want to say that the customer service is AMAZING.  I had the opportunity to interact with Erin personally.  She takes this very serious and is to ensure your success.  With that said, I would definitely recommend ABX.  Check it out on Amazon for about $35 by clicking here.  To prepare, make sure you pick up a cylinder-shaped wooden pole and read the nutrition e-book.  They both help you out a lot!

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