Sunday, March 27, 2016

Product Review - (Part Two)

As you already know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE art!  I have come to make some of my own masterpieces, which I plan to hang around my house.  I also purchase art.  Sometimes I visit different museums, just to partake in the "life" of art.  Once again, I was given the amazing opportunity to peruse the website of, and obtain a personalized art piece from,   This time I ordered an art piece to "match" a piece that I already owned. 
 photo P_20160308_064947_zpscd95m52h.jpg
My hallway, although small, has an Afro-centric theme with color scheme of red, white, and black.  Once I get a bigger place, I plan to fill the hall with more art, continuing with the same theme.  I currently own a print of a girl with an afro, picking her hair.  So, when I saw the piece above, I instantly fell in love.  This piece is called "Afro Pick."  The color, and message, of the art fit perfectly to what I already have and what I looked to achieve with my specified theme. 

As with most, or all, of their framed art, you can choose the matting, type of glass, and type of frame.  For some other art, you can choose whether it will be on canvas or an actual print.  You can also choose the size of the print, at times.  For my particular piece, it is about 14 x 19.  The frame is a solid black, contemporary frame with inner edge accent.  I chose the burgundy hue as a top mat, with standard acrylic plexi-glass. 

The art piece came packaged very well, and protected.  Upon opening it, I fell in love all over again.  It was EXACTLY what I wanted and came out as I hoped.  It is an almost perfect color match to the other art I have, and a great addition to my soon to be red, white, and black Afro-centric collection. 
 photo P_20160308_065810_zpsedylcjyt.jpg
Overall, I'm overly satisfied with my art piece.  I have art in every room of my home, including the bathroom. has an assortment of great pieces from varying sizes, genres, and color themes.  I would definitely recommend you check out the site.  They have yet to disappoint!!

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